Actress Little Things openly revealed the little things that go a long way in skin and hair care. Read on to find out what she swears by!

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EXCLUSIVE: Mithila Palkar on dealing with curly hair, home remedies, skin care tips and much more

Skin care and hair care are top priorities for almost everyone. While some are lucky enough to be gifted with flawless skin and voluminous curls, for others it is quite an achievement to achieve it. Tribhanga actress Mithila Palkar is no different. The star chatted openly with Pinkvilla, where she exclusively revealed her straightforward ways to get flawless skin, though she’s been blessed with skin that isn’t too problematic. And when it comes to curly hair, the diva has her own hacks to ensure your hair always looks great!

For her curly hair, which Mithila calls dry, the actress believes in the process of deep conditioning. “Only if you deeply condition your hair can you untangle it with a wide-toothed comb,” she states, adding that people with curly hair should only try to comb their hair when it is wet, when it is dry is will freshen up and “become a whole new person”!
As for her skin, Mithila thanks her genes for not having any major skin care problems. That being said, the diva believes in taking makeup off before bed, as the “makeup tends to clog pores” which then leads to acne. When she’s not shooting, Mithila Palkar prefers to go without makeup and opt for a simple moisturizer and sunscreen, plus a dab of tinted lip balm for her lips.

As for fashion, the diva believes you can’t go wrong with the foolproof combination of blue and white, which is why Mithila Palkar even gave us a look at her outfit, which was both colors she loves!

Watch the video to see what MIthila is doing for her skin and hair.

Do you believe in the same tips Mithila swears by? Have you discovered the benefits of hair oil massage like it was late? Comment below and let us know.

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