In an exclusive chat with Raashi Khanna, she shares some home remedies and recipes that she uses to keep her skin and hair healthy. Listen

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EXCLUSIVE: Raashi Khanna spills all of her HELPFUL skin care and hair care home remedies. SEE

Actresses have always been viewed for seeing their beautiful selves both on and off screens. Whether it is about her perfect glamor or her luscious mane, there is some kind of aura that they add to her looks. We all know that makeup and hairstyles play a very important role in this. If you don’t have good skin and a head full of curls, there’s not much you can do! While there is definitely a lot of styling going on, actresses take great care of their skin and hair.

To know what is actually going on behind the scenes, we caught up with world-famous lover actress Raashi Khanna, who spilled the beans about her secrets when it comes to skin care and hair care. During the conversation, the actress also mentioned the “smelly” pack of hair she uses. Khanna also mentioned how she used to think expensive skin care products are always good, but now has a different opinion.

Even if she suffers from hair loss (which I think most women do at least once in a lifetime), instead of going to expensive hair baths, she uses a home remedy her mother suggested. Ingredients from the kitchen are her favorite and she has even been revealed about a few secret recipes that she uses.

To learn more about these home remedies and affordable products that she uses, check out the video here:

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