It’s been a wild 12 months for fitness platforms as the world’s population struggled to adjust to workouts outside of the gym. From Mirror’s massive takeover of Lululemon to the launch of proprietary solutions by companies like Apple and Samsung, motion technology has done well amid the pandemic.

Talent Hack is among a large (and growing) number of companies looking to make fitness more accessible in a world where the gym isn’t an option for many. Instead of creating their own curated front-end platform, New York-based startup Spaces offers a B2C platform for fitness trainers and studios.

This week the company announced that it had launched a $ 4.7 million startup round led by Global Founders Capital. The fund participates in the round together with Rick Stollmeyer from Mindbody Online as well as Lucy Deland, Hannah Bronfman, Amanda Freeman, Ellie Burrows and Amy Klein.

Spaces has had a relatively low public profile as of January 2019, despite more than 50,000 fitness professions signing up for the service. The company says it managed to help top earners raise $ 250,000.

“We are the first fitness and technology company that is a real partner for the individual wellness instructor and offers the individual freedom of choice and power in the growing 30% home fitness market year-on-year”, says CEO and co-founder Alexandra Bonetti in a Publication tied to the news. “Our mission is to provide fitness and wellness professionals with the tools and resources they need to grow and scale their businesses so they can focus on what they do best.”

Talent Hack says this round will serve to improve marketing, improve customer experience, and expand recruitment.