VICTORVILLE, Calif. (KABC) – More than 10 months after the coronavirus pandemic, it’s no surprise that many seniors in need of extra care feel more secure in their own homes. So much so that it led to a booming business: home health care

Beadriz Gallo has been involved in home health care since before the pandemic.

“Honestly, it’s one of the most rewarding jobs,” Gallo said.

With the Southern California region still in the state’s most restrictive category, Gallo’s employer is hiring Home Statt. They have approximately 50 part-time and full-time jobs in the Inland Empire and the High Desert.

Demand is increasing as families try to keep loved ones at home rather than moving them to overcrowded care facilities.

Dealing with the pandemic has created some challenges.

“We don’t want five caregivers going to one client because when something happens we have five caregivers who are away and maybe 10 or 15 customers,” said Brandi Johnson, owner of Home Statt.

From meal prep to running errands to simple camaraderie, Home believes that the need will continue to grow as the jobs available provide job security during these uncertain times.

“They have a relationship, an attachment, you know what they like, you can joke. It doesn’t seem like a job,” Gallo said. “It’s just visiting a family member.”

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