EL SEGUNDO, California – () –Fabletics today announced the launch of Fabletics FIT, a new app with hundreds of on-demand workouts, meditations, and more to meet the growing demand for intense fitness experiences at home. The new app is part of a series of Fabletics initiatives to develop a 360-degree health and wellness experience for customers.

Fabletics FIT was developed in response to feedback from its 2 million plus VIP customers and the worldwide surge in home exercise over the past year. Fabletics FIT leverages the brand’s enhanced data, proprietary technology, and predictive shopping platforms across the TechStyle Fashion Group’s portfolio, delivering the most curated and popular content experience in the health and wellness world today.

“After a record year of growing interest in home exercise, Fabletics is looking beyond apparel to meet the expectations of our customers looking for new ways to stay fit at home,” commented Adam Goldenberg, Co-Founder and CEO, Fabletics. “Based on previous reactions from our members, we believe that a growing presence in health and wellness content will provide Fabletics with an exciting opportunity to drive future growth.”

Access to Fabletics FIT is included as a new perk with Fabletics VIP membership and is offered to non-members for $ 14.95 per month. Initial findings from the last beta phase show a high level of user intervention with more than 100,000 training units in less than a month.

Fabletics FIT brings the Fabletics brand experience to life, connecting users from the comfort of their homes to Fabletics’ network of top-class instructors from popular Los Angeles studios and health professionals who lead hundreds of innovative on-demand fitness classes. The app uses Fabletics’ in-house studios to produce high-quality fitness content. It is designed to reflect the experience and quality of premium studio courses in Los Angeles and encompass a wide variety in different categories including barre, cardio, dance, HIIT, meditation, pilates, stretch, toning, yoga and recreation. The app recognizes the growing interest in mindfulness at home and offers a range of meditations including for beginners, sleep, stress, anxiety, focus, personal growth and more.

With the Fabletics shopping experience, Fabletics FIT offers incentives such as discounts on clothing in return for addressing fitness issues. Unlike most existing fitness apps, Fabletics FIT also offers seamless music integration through a partnership with Spotify that allows users to connect and play their own curated playlists while exercising, with teacher voices overlaying the music during class.

Fabletics is also exploring various fitness content partnerships to further enhance the Fabletics FIT experience. This begins with an expanded collaboration with Hydrow, the home rowing machine with live and on-demand workouts led by athletes. As part of the official launch of Fabletics FIT, users will have access to exclusive rowing and strength training under the guidance of Hydrow.

Fabletics first partnered with Hydrow as their exclusive apparel partner in October 2020 to deliver a complete fitness experience and open long-term Hydrow pop-up shops across the Fabletics retail fleet. As part of the partnership, the two companies have worked together to bring the Fabletics community exclusive access to over 2 million VIP members, including member-only prices for Hydrow machines and subscriptions, custom apparel and accessories, and unique fitness content.

The new initiatives follow a year of record growth for Fabletics, in which the brand achieved annual sales of over USD 500 million and co-launched the men’s line Fabletics Men with actor and comedian Kevin Hart. Bet on the return of retail, the brand continued to reach new customers by opening 11 new brick and mortar locations and introducing new security measures to safely reopen the existing fleet of storefronts. Today the brand operates 50 retail stores across the country. Further expansion is planned for 2021.

About Fabletics

Fabletics is now considered one of the fastest growing brands in e-commerce history. Fabletics was founded in 2013 and was the first label to bring the fashion house approach into the activewear space. By fusing style-oriented design with high-performance technology, Fabletics is credited with developing active clothing from outside the gym into every area of ​​life. With its innovative VIP membership program for over 2 million loyal members, Fabletics is revered for its ability to deliver premium quality at affordable prices. This spirit of inclusivity guides the basic belief of the brand: Everyone deserves to look and feel good. In 2019, Fabletics expanded its disruptive brand to include men with the launch of Fabletics Men. Fabletics supplies new drops every week in sizes XXS-4X for women and monthly in sizes XS-XXL for men, available in the USA, Canada and most of Europe. Experience the full range of Fabletics active clothing, accessories, shoes and more at fabletics.com and in the brand’s 50 state-of-the-art retail stores across the United States. In January 2021, Fabletics took its first big step beyond activewear into fitness at home. Now you can move anywhere with Fabletics FIT, the groundbreaking fitness app that connects members with the entire Fabletics community.