Darcey Silva recently met a fan and clicked on a photo with her. Some fans think she looks exactly like 55-year-old Meemaw Angela in the picture.

After seeing the new picture of Darcey Silva, many have 90 days fiance Viewers mistook her for another TLC star, Angela Deem. Since the Meemaw has lost over 100 pounds in the past few months, she and Darcey look similar. Many 90-day fiancé stars like to change their looks after they appear on the show. Darcey appeared for the first time 90 days fiancé: Before the 90 days Season 1 in 2017. Since then, her appearance has changed drastically. Darcey and her twin sister Stacey Silva have had tummy tuck, lip fillers and several other cosmetic procedures in recent years.

The Silva sisters may have felt great after their procedures, but 90 day fiancé fans think they looked great before then. A Fan posted a collage of Darcey’s pictures Recorded on Reddit for the past few years. It was shocking to see that most of the fans agreed that Darcey looked beautiful in her old pictures when she was all natural. Similarly, Angela had the help of sleeve stomach surgery to get rid of her excess weight, but fans think she looks older now than she did before the surgery. However, Angela seems to have reached her ideal weight. The 55-year-old Meemaw now shows her glamorous and slimmer figure on Instagram.

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A fan recently met Darcey and Stacey and shared a picture with them on social media. In the photo, the fan was in the middle, Darcey on the right and Stacey on the left. Darcey wore a short black dress with a gold-colored kimono. She wore long, blonde hair extensions. At first glance, many fans thought Darcey was Angela. Both ladies have blonde hair and lately Angela shows off her new hair extensions too in a high ponytail. Check out the fan picture shared by @ 90daytweets on IG:

One fan unwittingly said, “Angela, you look good !!” but other fans were quick to correct him. Another fan wrote, “I thought the one on the right was Angela.” Someone else commented, “I swear I actually double-scrolled !!! I thought it was Angela in the end !!” The image was not clicked in good lighting, which could have been the cause of the confusion. Nevertheless, Angela is happy about this comparison, because Darcey is almost ten years younger than her. Darcey, on the other hand, could not take this comparison as a compliment.

Darcey wants to look like a woman in her early thirties, and Georgia-based Meemaw is 55. Darcey likes to over-edit her social media images to look younger. Lots 90 day fiancé fans made fun of Darcey for using unrealistic filters on their photos that make them look like a completely different person. Hopefully that 90 days fiance star will take this comparison as a joke and will not consider performing any further cosmetic treatment to further improve your physical appearance.

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Source: @ 90daytweets

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