Dehydration occurs when the total amount of water in the body is unbalanced. While the condition often occurs when the loss of free water exceeds the intake of free water, usually due to exercise, illness, or high ambient temperatures. Dehydration can be harmful to your health as it affects not only your metabolism but your liver and kidneys as well and can lead to many other digestive problems.

If you suffer from dehydration, we have some home remedies that will come in handy. Courtesy of Preety Tyagi, Senior Health Coach, Nutritionist, and Founder of MY22BMI.

Make sure you are drinking enough water. (Source: Getty Images / Thinkstock)

* Athletes, athletes, and adolescent children should add a pinch of Himalayan salt and a dash of lemon to their water. This will help create the electrolytes in water that are responsible for keeping the body hydrated.

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* Add cucumber or rose water in your water bottle will help you stay cool and hydrated on hot summer days. Cucumber and rose water are the best coolants that can be added to normal drinking water.

* Drinking water that is boiled and cooled to room temperature is considered the best. Drinking water after a long hot water bath or swimming is a must as the body needs to be rehydrated after these activities.

* Instead of just relying on water, you can eat fresh fruits and vegetables with a high water content like cucumber, radish, strawberries, watermelon, wart melons, citrus fruits, etc.

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* Herbs such as chamomile, liquorice (mulethi), tulsi, cumin powder, Coriander powderFennel powder will help if taken with a glass of lukewarm water.

* Avoid excessive consumption of tea, coffee, Sweets, fried foods and alcohol.

* Training to have one good metabolism. It is the need of the hour.

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