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Romney: The impeachment series with other Republicans was about “boxers or briefs.”

The Utah senator downplays heated exchanges with Ron Johnson, insisting they talked about underwear preferences. Mitt Romney arrives at the Capitol on Saturday. Johnson complained that the exchange had been reported and told reporters, “It’s grotesque for you to record.” Photo: Stefani Reynolds / AFP / Getty Images Mitt Romney suggested on Saturday that a heated argument with a Republican colleague in the Senate Chamber was not about whether to call witnesses in Donald Trump’s impeachment proceedings – but about age. old question: “boxers versus briefs”. After a surprise move by the property managers Saturday morning, Romney was one of five Republicans to vote in favor of calling witnesses. Wisconsin’s Ron Johnson was among the 45 who still supported their former president, who was acquitted of instigating the deadly riot in the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. But before an agreement was reached not to call witnesses, Romney and Johnson became embroiled in a heated exchange. Andrew Donner, a Politico reporter, quoted Jason Donner, a Fox News producer, and tweeted, “Ron Johnson turned to Mitt Romney and was upset with him, and even pointed at him once. Johnson was visibly annoyed … “You walked with me [Alaska senator Dan] Sullivan in their midst. I heard Johnson Romney say, “Blame yourself.” The votes were definitely raised. “Johnson complained that the exchange had been reported and told reporters,” It’s grotesque that you guys are recording this. ” Reporters indicated that the public exchange took place in the Senate. Romney tried to defuse the series, telling reporters it was about underwear preferences. “We argued about boxers and panties,” he said. A vigilant member of Latter-day Saints Church of Jesus Christ, Romney happened to wear a “temple robe” under his clothing. Some public figures have been convicted for deriding the two-piece underwear as “magical Mormon panties.” Church members consider such ridicule to be biased and offensive. When Romney ran for the White House in 2012 and singer Cher got into trouble for making fun of his underwear, a news agency offered a guide on the garment. On Saturday, however, the enlightenment remained elusive for anyone looking through the guide to determine which side of the “boxers versus panties” argument might have led Romney versus Johnson. “Garments are available in two pieces today,” reported BuzzFeed News. “A white undershirt and white boxer shorts.”