Nuts and seed are highly recommended for better skin and overall health. But did you know that regular consumption of antioxidant-rich nuts can also alleviate a number of health problems – from joint pain to a dry cough?

As per AyurvedaOne such nut that is extremely beneficial is the walnut. The best part is that it can be consumed in a variety of ways.

Share more, Ayurvedic practitioners Shyam VL described some remedies to be followed.

*Roasted walnut Taken regularly to improve the physical strength of the body, it can be used in patients with illness and / or muscle weakness.

* Add powdered and seived walnut with milk to achieve paste consistency. Apply to the face and leave on for 10 minutes. This improves the skin and leaves a radiant glow on the face.

* Decoction from the rind of the walnut Tree is used for gargling and treating gingivitis and other dental problems.

* Sautee walnut add in oil and powdered sugar to taste. This mixture can be taken several times a day to calm a dry cough.

* Dried walnut bark can be powdered and mixed with a pinch of clove and used as tooth powder.

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