Finding alternative ways to keep your body moving and motivated during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis isn’t always easy disproportionately affected by the public health crisis. But stay active is not only beneficial to your physical health. It is also essential to your mental health, and because of that The Gabrielle Union Fitness Routine is one of their top priorities.

“For me, Fitness at home is the new normal “, Union tells the women’s day. Fortunately, it was easier for her to adapt to this” new normal “with the help of victory. FitOn is a free digital fitness app that offers everything from meditation exercises to HIIT workouts. As a FitOn ambassador, Union teaches exclusive courses in the app together with her husband, former NBA star Dwyane Wade.

What Union loves about the app is that it offers so much more than just free, accessible courses. “FitOn helps me stay motivated and keep an eye on my goals with its monthly challenges and daily motivational reminders,” she explains. In addition to fitness classes, FitOn also offers a ton of healthy recipes, including a few Recipes contributed by Union Herself.

The actress, writer, and activist especially loved the 2021 FitOn RESET Challenge. “It’s a great way to leave 2020 behind and start the new year,” she adds.

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At the start of the New Year, Union and her family pledged to be more consistent in everything they do. “Over the course of 2020 we would have a lot of stops and starts where we’re very interested in fitness and wellness and then just nothing,” she says.

In order to establish a consistent routine, it is important, according to the Union, to “indulge in a little grace” and add that it may not be beneficial to “get Rambo full to start it up and then rejuvenate”.

“Just do a little every day,” she suggests. “For us, consistency is the key.”

And while she and Wade don’t have exactly the same fitness goals, they find it helpful to work out together. “We like to get up together before the kids get up at 6am and we work out together in our home gym,” she explains. “And we enjoy it and push each other to stay consistent and to keep track of things.”

Of course, you don’t need your own gym to stay active. The joint training motivated Union and Wade to publish their quarantine training series on FitOn, in which household items are used in place of traditional fitness equipment such as water bottles in place of dumbbells.

This content is imported from Instagram. You might find the same content in a different format, or you might find more information on the website.

Union has also found that writing down her fitness and wellness goals helps her stay motivated. Among other things, it pursues its goals with a vision board. “Every New Year’s Eve, as a family, we do vision boarding and set our intentions,” she says. “Some people pray over their display panels, some meditate, some just look at it, but it can really help you achieve your dreams.”

Whether your 2021 resolutions Union says that the manifestation of these dreams involves a combination of persistence and responsibility.

“It is not enough just to say what you want,” stressed Union. “You need to take active steps to get there while giving yourself some grace. That active step towards your dream could be to get out of bed and brush your teeth.” Most of all, she says, be nice to yourself. “You don’t have to have massive goals to save the world,” she adds.

If your goals for 2021 and beyond are health and wellbeing, the FitOn app may only be able to help.

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