‘Gangnam Style’ singer Psy performed his ‘large’ New appearance, To have amazed fans with its dramatic weight loss.

Psy, real name Park Jae-sang, showed his characteristic extravagant dance moves in one recently Instagram video dancing to a new song by Hyuna, a singer under contract with his agency P Nation.

In the short clip – – which labeled 43 year old Psy “I love promoting my artist in this way” – – the South Korean superstar may be seen break a train to Hyuna Track that is called “I’m not cool”.

But its 1.4 million Instagram followers weren’t just interested the singer is on the screen sash – You also noticed that he looked like itLimmer too.

Many commented on his weight loss and noted how different he looked from his Gangnam style. Heydey.

One wrote: “Psy looks great guys !!! “

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Others also expressed concern – even Hyuna, who said: “You lost weight. Please take care. The fans will be sad.”

Another concerned fan added: “Mr? Why are you so little now Are you doing well Hope you are always healthy …. “

Psy later responded to some of the weight related comments, saying to one person: “Sorry, I’ll manage my weight.”

K-pop sensation Psy is best known for his 2012 hit ‘Gangnam Style’, which found its way onto wedding dance floors around the world with its signature moves.

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The song was so popular that it was the first video to hit a billion views on YouTube.

Speak with Billboard In 2017, Psy thought about the track and how it became such a big hit.

He said: “I didn’t have any international fans at the time, so I wasn’t expecting anything global.

“I just did what I did before. I was a Korean singer and whenever I released an album the purpose of it was to make good songs in Korean and hopefully make a hit that people in Korea would enjoy that was all

He continued: “”I still don’t know why it was so special. If I knew why I could do it again and again. After five years I still have to talk about ‘Gangnam Style’.

Photo credit: short messagePhoto credit: short message

“If I did it on purpose it wouldn’t work that much. In the moment when I’m making music or music videos these days, I’m trying my best to focus and become [like] me from before “Gangnam Style”. Not doing anything on purpose. Doing it on purpose takes a lot of effort for things to be natural. I’ve felt that for the past five years. “

Psy split from the YG Entertainment label in 2018 after signing for eight years. finally foundation his own record agency P Nation in 2019.

He then he signed a number of high level of awareness Korean artists, including the 28-year-old singer Hyuna, who left her previous label Cube Entertainment.