WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) – Start a new year leaving old habits behind and finding new ways to keep your mind and body in tip top health during a pandemic.

Train from home? Check out the midday workout trend.

“You can get sweaty and smelly in your own home and don’t even have to take a shower before” going back to the office, “said Stephanie Mansour, health and wellness expert.

Also make sure to enjoy the fresh air.

“We can train wonderfully outdoors. Especially when many of us still don’t want to go to the gym or wear a mask while exercising. So go for a walk or exercise outdoors by adding some lunges or squats to your walks around the block, which will be very popular in the New Year, ”said Mansour.

If you want to work out with someone from home, go online. Whether zoom workouts or virtual.

“All you need is a smartphone and an app. You can get a personal trainer right on your phone to provide training via video. You can subscribe to other services that offer streaming workouts, but online training is definitely a trend for 2021, ”said Mansour.

Finally, focus on your sanity.

“Perhaps your past goals have been to gain muscle or lose weight. Well, how about an improved emotional state or a feeling of less stress. more energy. Feeling that you are training for things other than just your physical body is a big trend. “

And sometimes a New Year can motivate you to try something new.

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