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OK, so in an attempt to keep moving because we older people – or really any age – but definitely older people need to do that, you have a strategy in place for where the flat panel TV is in your future gym.

As mentioned earlier, and one point that I cannot emphasize any further, don’t move on to this home fitness project until you have your entertainment center set up. With digital distractions as part of our lives; where the use of the phone seems to belong to the television; or participate in such essential human activities as eating and general interaction; with people checking their phones while talking to third parties; You’re fooling yourself into thinking you could get through a 20-minute stationary bike ride without texting or looking at anything.

However, avoid watching athletic climaxes, quick action movies, or anything else that is more physically stimulating than your average episode of The Gilmore Girls. The natural reaction of stepping back or tilting to the side because someone is nailed into the boards or a bomb explosion fills the TV screen will have you falling off your stationary bike or treadmill in minutes.


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Next, you need to make room for yourself.

If your basement is cluttered with trash, creating a workout room will be a challenge. Junk can be defined as something that you haven’t used in years or that is missing parts or that has served its usefulness. It’s basically a dent from being considered junk – but until then, it has redeemable value. So, just get rid of the trash.

Easier said than done, especially if you and your spouse are not on board, whether the popcorn maker who took you through many college evenings is still worth taking up shelf space.

I own a pinball machine from the 1970s that has not seen any action in about 30 years as the ‘TILT’ light comes on a few minutes after the game starts freezing the game and essentially ending a very mediocre experience.

Nothing out of the ordinary came out of the ’70s, except of course the series of Stanley Cup victories of the Habs and perhaps the introduction of square dancing to physical education, which some guys considered lame, but I loved that with the “promenade” sequence me am my closest experience of going out on an actual date.

Regardless, the pinball machine is junk. Unfortunately, my spouse took the machine as their junk, which basically means those 150 pounds of worthless mechanics are going nowhere. In a situation where you need space but are not really able to remove what is taking up the area you want, you have no choice but to reorganize.


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At best, you’ll find junk in the trash, and every inch of space restored is a blessing.

Why Reorganize Junk? Unless you are doing an inventory of what is actually in your basement for no other reason and you never know, you may find something you thought was long gone.

However, shelves are required for reorganization. Pre-made white shelves come in 12 “, 16”, and 24 “widths by 8 feet long and are good for supporting light and medium-sized trash.

However, the particleboard core of a pre-made shelf can sag over time if it’s overwhelmed by weight, or succumb to the higher humidity environment in a basement if the area you’re adding shelving to isn’t finished.

For this reason, I prefer using three-quarter G1S plywood (good single sided plywood) as a shelf, especially in basement or garage applications where shelf thickness is preferred over shelves that just look good.

Use 2 × 3 wood to create the frame for your shelves. Design the shelves to be basically self-contained and solidify the frame by attaching it to the wall or ceiling joists with a few screws.

Plastic containers with covers are good for storing blankets, boots, photos, Christmas decorations, and bulkier items, which are best kept at floor level. Measure the height of the plastic containers and let your first shelf start a few inches above this level.

Good subdivision.

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