Whitney revealed she was considering weight loss surgery as part of her mission to shed the pounds on TLC’s My Big Fat Fabulous Life.

Cameras have followed her story, from the engagement to the former fiancé Chase Severino to the breakup with him to the search for a new friend Buddy.

In December 2020 it was revealed that she might have bariatric surgery and now fans are wondering if she ever went through the process.

Has Whitney Thore had weight loss surgery? Updates in January 2021!

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Whitney talks about weight loss surgery

After her former fiancé Chase Severino cheated on her and had a baby with another woman, Whitney began to have doubts about her body.

When she was talking to her boyfriend Buddy, who she has now split up with, in December, she asked him if he thought she should have weight loss surgery.

Whitney openly asked Buddy if he thought Chase would have done what he would have done if she didn’t look like her, but he had no answer.

@ Whitneywaythore You are great the way you are. Please do not change! Do what makes you happy with your weight loss surgery! Your fans around your neck look like huge headphones … like Honey, I’ve shrunk Whitney. 😂😂 pic.twitter.com/EFyhvTDOm2

– Lisa Villeneuve (@VilleneuveLisa) January 20, 2021

Has Whitney had any weight loss surgery?

Whitney was considering undergoing bariatric surgery in December 2020, but that option has been her thoughts since season one.

Since the process is usually lengthy, it is highly unlikely that she would have an operation in just over a month.

Whitney made no announcements about surgery. And if she did, it would most likely have aired on the TLC show.

Instead, Whitney appears to be focused on an exercise program, and in late 2020 she announced that she had lost 70 pounds.

Fans react to Whitney when they have surgery

Some fans believe that she may not qualify for the surgery due to Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, which caused her to gain over 230 pounds.

Others think that she may not be thinking about surgery for all the right reasons and say she should do it for herself rather than others.

One fan said, “Whitney, it’s okay to have weight loss surgery, but not for the reasons you describe.

“They have to do it for you and for a healthy life and quality of life. Do it.”

Didn’t Whitney explain her “illness” to the audience? The disease that makes you overweight? If she has an illness, how can weight loss surgery help her? #MyBigFatFabLife

– Lauren Doll (@ LaurenDoll14) December 9, 2020

Whitney always claimed she wasn’t eating too much, but now weight loss surgery helps? I’m confused. #MyBigFatFabLife

– Give me the tea (@Gimme_The_Tea) January 20, 2021



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