Do you have a white tongue? Know its causes, remedies and prevention

07/30/2021: Do you have a white tongue? Know its causes, remedies and prevention

White tongue refers to the white patches or coating on the surface or back of your tongue. It is a common condition that usually does not affect a person’s health health but often it can affect his confidence. Read on to understand what causes a white tongue, how it can be treated, and how it can be effectively prevented.

Definition: But first what is this condition?

A white tongue is a thick white film that covers the entire surface of your tongue or can appear in spots. The condition is generally harmless, but can sometimes indicate a serious condition such as an infection or early cancer. A white tongue can also come from a condition called. be accompanied hairy tongue this causes small bumps on the tongue.

Causes: What are the most common causes of white tongue?

The most common causes of the white tongue are bacteria and fungi that lodge between the papillae of the tongue and turn the tongue white. Other conditions that contribute to the white coating of the tongue include poor oral hygiene, dry mouth, dehydration, fever, breathing through the mouth, smoking or chewing tobacco, and excessive alcohol consumption.

Remedies: Effective home remedies to treat white tongue

Drinking enough water is the most important step in prevention bad breath and white tongue. You can also switch to a mild toothpaste that doesn’t contain sodium lauryl sulfate. Cleaning the tongue with a tongue scraper can also help. In addition, simple tips like using a straw to drink juice and avoiding mouthwashes containing alcohol can also help reduce the stains.

Warning Signs: Warning signs to look out for for medical help

In most cases, a white tongue is harmless and will fade with better oral hygiene. However, if you notice these warning signs, you should see a doctor straight away: You feel a burning sensation on your tongue You notice small blisters on your tongue You have difficulty chewing or swallowing The white spots appear suddenly and are accompanied by fever, rashes, or weight loss.

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