Lucy Gardiner recently ran a barre class for the Carolina Hurricanes in Raleigh, North Carolina.

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minnesota – Lucy Gardiner works out of Raleigh, North Carolina during pandemic class on Zoom at her Barre3 studio at home in Edina.

Gardiner’s husband Jake is a Carolina Hurricanes defender and they recently had a break in team activities due to COVID-19. Lucy was asked by the team’s coach last Saturday to teach.

“The training we do at Barre3 is based more on Pilates and strength than a real ballet barre class. I think that helped because of my background as a non-dancer and as a woman who grew up with hockey that they feel comfortable. ” They know Jake comes into the studio when he’s home and it’s open and taking classes. I think it helped them to know that he will be my backup dancer, “said Gardiner.

The 30-minute class included emphasis on the buttocks and core.

What did Jake think of the training?

“He said it was more difficult than usual when he was in class because he was feeling a lot of pressure on the guys. They were all watching him to see how well he was doing. So I think he did in that Great full turbo, ”said Lucy.

You can find more information about Lucy’s studio on Instagram at @ Barreedina or go to theirs website.