Herbalife diet, in partnership with Proactive Sports Performance, announced the opening of a new $ 8 million elite training facility called Proactive Fueled by Herbalife Nutrition. Located in Westlake Village, California, the 17,000-square-foot multisport training center is designed to serve a wide variety of professional athletes in all sports.

The facility also includes data-driven training capabilities through advanced equipment and a team of on-site sports performance experts to help athletes track improvements, compare metrics, and set performance benchmarks so they can continue and improve their skills.

“Our investment in this world-class facility, and in the performance lab in particular, will enable us to truly understand how our products help improve athletic performance and, in turn, will provide invaluable knowledge to our independent distributors who work with their customers put. their own results, ”said Samantha Clayton, vice president, athletic performance and fitness, Herbalife Nutrition.

Further highlights within the facility are:

  • Altitude chamber, including a Boost One treadmill with gravity reduction to improve fitness while maintaining joint health
  • BioDex System 4 Pro for measuring limb and muscle strength
  • BOD POD Body Composition Analysis Chamber for determining body density and body fat percentage
  • HP Cosmos Gaitway treadmill that enables the highest accuracy of walking and running analysis
  • Professional size basketball court with ground force plate technology that detects the position of the ball 30 times per second with high speed cameras to help players improve their accuracy and rate of shooting
  • Springbok Analytics to convert MRIs into detailed 3D muscle analysis to prevent potential injury and identify insufficient muscle volume

“Our shared philosophy of combining conditioning with nutrition to create personalized training plans for our athletes, whatever their level, can now reach new heights with the offerings at this new location,” said Ryan Capretta, Founder of Proactive Sports performance. “With our indoor lawn mound, high-end laser technology, motion capture, easy access to individual nutrition and a professional lounge for relaxation – and everything under one roof.”

The Herbalife24 petrol station, which will be looked after by sports nutritionists and a cook, will also play a role in the facility, offering bespoke meals for athletes and providing access to the Herbalife24 Certified for Sport sports nutrition line.