How to treat COVID-19 before severe symptoms appear

One of the few treatments for COVID-19 is becoming more widely available, but not everyone knows where and when to get treatment and they qualify.

From Wednesday Hillsborough County Health care workers get their own dedicated COVID-19 vaccination Website at Ed Radice Sports Complex in Tampa.

Vaccines are available by appointment only to healthcare workers with direct patient contact in Hillsborough County.

To make an appointment, go to to create a CDR Health Pro account. Once an account is created, you can enter the Health Worker’s code: RADICE03 to view the available appointments on the Ed Radice website.

Eligible health care workers include doctors, nurses, front office workers, home care providers, therapists, dental offices, pharmacists, food services workers, and more.

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Proof of eligibility is required and is strictly enforced on site. Hillsborough County lists the following documents as acceptable credentials:

  • Organization ID
  • Medical approval
  • Paystub shows employment with a health organization
  • W-2 IRS form specifying the health organization as the employer
  • A letter of confirmation of employment on the official letterhead

The Ed Radice Sports Complex is located at 14720 Ed Radice Drive, Tampa, FL 33626.

If you have any questions about eligibility, please send an email [email protected].