On one side of the Mi7Smith, the MiSmith Dual Action Smith features revolutionary patented technology that creates simultaneous horizontal and vertical beam movement. This offers the advantages of free strength training with additional safety and stability. Go to the other side of the Mi7Smith and the Mi7 functional training system has two Silent Steel® weight stacks with columns that can be rotated through 360 degrees for a completely free range of motion. Patented Flip n Grip® handles offer five pull-up options and patent-pending Flip n Dip® handles offer both narrow and wide dips.

The Mi7Smith Functional Trainer is offered in a variety of configurations to suit your budget. You can buy with the Mi7Smith as a unit or with the Mi7 and MiSmith individually or both as a disconnected gym. This offers owners both space and money saving purchases as a combined unit while allowing the flexibility to meet their specific needs when separated.

As you may know, HOIST’s Mi6 Functional Trainer also won the 2020 Men’s Health Home Gym Award. Your CEO, Jeff Partrick“We want to make sure we continue to win these awards by offering the same great premium fitness equipment that we have always offered.” HOIST maintains an extensive portfolio of more than 300 patents.

HOIST® Fitness is a San Diego, CaliforniaThe US-based company produces premium strength training products and exercise bikes in the LeMond series for the commercial and private markets. The company’s commercial products are available in: health clubs, colleges and universities, professional gyms, YMCAs, community centers, hotels, apartment buildings, personal training facilities, corporate fitness centers, government and military facilities around the world.

Their household products are also available from consumers’ homes around the world. They offer home fitness studios that have received awards in addition to the Men’s Health Home Gym Award 2021, including the 2020 Men’s Health Home Gym Award for their Mi6 Functional Trainer and Good Design Awards for various products over several years. Numerous celebrities and world leaders have HOIST fitness products. Household products can be purchased through fitness retailers around the world as well as here at hoistfitness.com.


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