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Send me a Trainer Awards Masters Franchise in the UK and explore new international markets

January 21, 2021 // // WASHINGTON, DC – Send Me A Trainer today announced that it has awarded its first UK franchise. Send Me A Trainer is the first on-demand in-home and live online personal training franchise that is redefining the fitness franchise industry.

In 2020, its first year of franchising and during the COVID-19, Send Me A Trainer expanded rapidly and saw a huge surge in demand for its franchise model. A total of 10 areas have been awarded in the United States, with dozens of applications pending. It has also issued its first franchise in the UK and has received several requests for master franchise opportunities in other countries. Send Me A Trainer was also featured on the cover of Entrepreneur Magazine, which was listed in the Top 100 Fitness Franchises by Connect Magazine and listed as Disruptors in the Fitness Industry in Authority Magazine.

“The data on the enormous boom in home fitness is breathtaking,” says Muhssin El-Yacoubi, co-founder of Send Me A Trainer. “Industry experts say the total addressable market for the home fitness industry has grown by $ 10 billion annually as COVID-19 displaced health club consumers. Google’s monthly search volume for “fitness at home” has more than tripled compared to before the pandemic. This leads to a huge surge in demand for Send Me A trainer and home fitness solutions that provide the convenience of exercising from home. “

“Home fitness has been popular for the past few years and COVID-19 has only accelerated this trend and is here to stay,” says Bary El-Yacoubi, co-founder of Send Me A Trainer. “Our customers have the option to train in person or live face-to-face online from home. In-home personal training is available in markets where we have a franchise partner and live online personal training is available nationwide in the US and will be available shortly in the UK. The demand for live online one-on-one training has skyrocketed. This allowed us to scale faster and serve customers across the country. “

“Consumers are also increasingly looking for more accountability and adjustment in their workouts, and the market is rapidly shifting in that direction,” said Bary El-Yacoubi, co-founder of Send Me A Trainer. “Send Me A Trainer offers its customers a high level of bespoke programs and responsibilities that go beyond what is possible with connected training equipment and video streaming services. Think of all of the folks who used to hire a personal trainer at the gym looking for bespoke programs and trainer personal responsibility. Where you go? We fit in there. “

Now those looking to join the booming home fitness industry can start a Send Me A Trainer franchise, a leading brand that has a decade of experience in the home exercise industry using proprietary technology.

“Our franchises are attracted to our technology-driven business model for private users with low overhead and no physical location,” says Muhssin El-Yacoubi, co-founder of Send Me A Trainer. “The modern business owner can now own a technology-enabled, on-demand business as a franchise. Our technology automates business operations so franchisees don’t get caught up in tedious things like payroll. It is changing the whole concept of business ownership in the franchise world. “

We are excited to expand Send Me A Trainer to the UK with our Master Franchise Partners and make this convenient and timely service available in the UK. Our first franchise is located in Glasgow and is expected to launch in a few months.

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