If you need home care – whether for a few hours or around the clock – make sure that the helper has been specially selected for you or your loved ones.

What does personalized fit mean?

Personalized fit means bringing together interests, routines, and even personalities. So someone who likes to knit gets a nurse who knows about drop stitches and throwing. A boat fan is compared to someone who can tell fish stories himself. And someone who likes to stick to a routine gets a nurse who cares for details.

It is important that caregivers are trained in the type of care they will be providing. Many patients experience some cognitive decline with age. Therefore, caregivers should understand this and know how to help with focus, memory, and problem-solving activities.

For more information on home care options and our Cognitive Therapeutics Method (CTM), contact Home Care Assistance at 520-625-2050. We’ll send you our resource folder explaining what sets us apart and what services are available in the community.

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