All my life I have never been what you areexercise“-Person – someone who gets up early to go running, takes a Pilates class, or quite frankly, goes to the gym regularly. Then in 2020 the pandemic struck and everything changed. Since we were all locked down at home 24/7, I wanted to find a way to stay active, Relieve stress and do something that wasn’t related to my computer screen that was now on my kitchen table / makeshift work station.

I was pondering what I was drawn to the gym and it was the bike so my decision was really a no-brainer. To be honest, I’d never taken a SoulCycle class before, but I loved their home bike for the simple reason that I love music. SoulCycle integrates rhythm into everything it does plus their mantra of enriching our souls, even though it’s cheesy, it struck a chord with me. I know many Peloton users who are obsessed with the metrics generated during their rides and compete with one another for a top spot on the leaderboard. But it is precisely this kind of competitiveness that makes me withdraw from training, and so it was SoulCycle bike to me.

I knew that if I was going to invest $ 2,500, I would have to dedicate myself fully to the motorcycle. What helped seal the deal was also a question of style and space. Although my apartment is small, I found the all-black, matte exterior of the SoulCycle home bike to be quite elegant and in keeping with mine minimal interior. It is also equipped with wheels, so while dinnerFor parties or when the guests are over, I can easily put it out of sight.

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Photo: Courtesy of SoulCycle

I decided to do it and take the plunge. It was July 2020 and it only took a week for the bike to arrive on my doorstep (yes, so fast even during the pandemic!). I rode my bike that first day and dare I say it was actually fun? As mentioned, I had never taken a SoulCycle course (yes, there are still some of us!) So my experience is really new. Ultimately, the playlists lured me to certain courses, so I always tried to search through the song list (LCD Soundsystem, Sam Smith, Whitney Houston, Ellie Goulding or Calvin Harris) before deciding on one. And of course the instructors are the key to designing every bike tour. With new courses added every week, there was no shortage of options. Even when I wasn’t out on a bike, I decided to take a cardio or abdominal training course instead Equinox + app (which includes a wide range of courses from Rumble Boxing to Pure Yoga). Note that any SoulCycle home bike purchase requires a 12 month subscription to the app ($ 40 / month), but it’s free if you’re a current Equinox member.

The story goes on

In the weeks that followed, I was able to seamlessly integrate a bike tour into my everyday life. Some days I slipped into a workout in the morning before my first one Zooming Meetings, sometimes in the evening before dinner, and I often vacillated between weekday and weekend trips. I loved that I could easily choose between a 20 minute class on one morning or a 60 minute class on the weekend. The nice thing is that I can be completely flexible. I am not tied to pre-planned courses. I don’t really have to plan a lot. It’s a complete game changer.

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Photo: Courtesy of SoulCycle

As far as mine Mental health Exercise forced me to take a screen break, especially at a time when my days were all work and sleep. Even if it was half an hour, it was a time for me to fully focus on my well-being. As soon as I sit on the saddle and start pushing, I’m in the zone. Not to mention SoulCycle’s signature Grapefruit candle by Jonathan Adler (which I bought extra in addition to cycling shoes, hand weights and socks – I really wanted the full experience!) certainly takes my rides to the next level.

As the months went by, I felt my procrastination dissipate as I exercised. The anxiety I used to feel at the gym around people who I thought were both more experienced and fitter than me was gone. I no longer felt inadequate because I was finally feeling comfortable going on my own training journey, at my own pace and on my own schedule, with no one else watching.

This July 2021 will be a full year with the SoulCycle home bike. And to my complete surprise, there have been weeks when I ride my bike every day. I know a lot of people are thinking about going back to the gym after the pandemic, but it’s time for me to say goodbye. I am happy that I have finally become the “exercise person” I always wanted to be, only on my terms.

SoulCycle bike for the home

$ 2,500.00, EQUINOX PLUS


SoulCycle Soul Basics

$ 225.00, EQUINOX PLUS


SoulCycle Legend 2.0 cycling shoes

$ 215.00, EQUINOX PLUS


SoulCycle x Jonathan Adler grapefruit pop candle



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