This extension from INALSA was introduced to develop a 360-degree health and wellness experience for customers. To keep up with times of COVID when gyms and fitness centers are closed and likely not to open soon, building some sort of home gym could help one Stay healthy and active during quarantine times. People are looking for ways to work out effectively in four walls and with the advent of FITTYFY, fitness products will make it possible US Entering thousands of new homes.

FITTYFY FFTM high performance treadmill series

The FFTM treadmill series offers everything a modern health enthusiast expects from a treadmill. The motorized FITTYFY treadmill FFTM 250AI includes functions such as automatic incline, 12 integrated programs, sem-auto-lubrication, hydraulic folding system. Next up in the range are the motorized treadmills FFTM 250 and FFTM 150 with manual inclination, integrated programs, folding system, MP3 and auxiliary inputs. 5 in 1 manual treadmill FFTM 410M is an excellent fitness device that combines all available devices in a single device with push-up, twister, jogger and stepper. These treadmills will kickstart Ones Fitness trip and provides a safe and satisfying environment for hitting the Fitness goals faster and more efficiently.

FITTYFY FFAB Professional Air Bike Series

Take any fitness routine to the next level with FITTYFY Air Bikes. A stationary exercise bike that combines legs and arms for full body movement. Kicking builds Ones Calves, hamstrings, quadriceps and help with making them the Back and buttocks stronger. The FFAB 01R Air Bike has a flywheel-based resistance, a multi-position handle, a padded backrest and an adjustable seat height. The FFAB 01 Air Bike has similar functions without the backrest option. No matter how one want to achieve the Exercise goals, whether it’s simple workout routines or challenging HIIT routines, this air bike is a more satisfying and efficient way to burn and achieve fat Ones Gates.

FITTYFY FFFM foot massager series

FITTYFY instructions one the perfect way to relax and loosen up tight muscles. The FFFM 80H foot massager is a complete massage solution that provides extreme relaxation and removes all tiredness and fatigue from every joint in. removed the Foot. Its shape has been designed to conform to the foot, legs, calves and acupuncture points so that you feel more relaxed and rejuvenated after the massage. The model has 3 automatic programs, 3 personal preference programs, 3 intensity training levels and a fully automatic massage in all positions. The integrated heating function brings pleasant warmth, acts on sore muscles and relieves pain and tension. The FFFM 40H foot massager is the next product in the range that offers professional massage of the feet and ankles. The whole body will feel relaxed with the surprising benefits of the FITTYFY foot massagers.

FITTYFY by INALSA is driven by the mission to make fitness accessible at home. The product line includes entry-level and affordable fitness equipment. . With FITTFY, discover a whole range of health and wellness products that offer a groundbreaking home fitness experience.


INALSA ventures into the health, fitness and personal care segment with the introduction of the new FITTYFY brand. INALSA is a 30 year old brand in India in the household and kitchen appliances segment and has over million satisfied customers in India. With FITTYFY, INALSA aims to offer Indian customers high quality fitness and health products at affordable prices with a service network throughout INDIA.


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