(MENAFN – NewsBytes) When it comes to migraines, chances are you won’t really understand the excruciating pain until you experience one.

Severe migraines can become debilitating when the body is sensitive to everything from light to touch to smell.

Not to mention nausea, which takes it to another level overall.

Read on for some drug-free remedies to help relieve migraine symptoms the next time you experience one.

  • In this article Rest or meditate in a quiet, dark room Inhaling lavender oil can make headaches less severe Using a cold compress will help with a numbing effect A sip of ginger water relieves nausea Acupressure is a great way to relieve pain
  • Dark room Rest or meditate in a quiet, dark room

  • People with migraines are extremely sensitive to light and sound. Blocking these triggers can help by not making the pain worse.

    Sleeping in a quiet, dark room can help alleviate the problems.

    When you cannot sleep, mindful meditation can also help relieve physical pain.

    Focusing on breathing can prove to be a distraction to relieve the throbbing pain as well.

  • Lavender Oil Inhaling lavender oil can make headache less severe

  • The smell of lavender is known to have a relaxing and calming effect, and inhalation of its smell helps in relieving migraine headaches.

    A 2012 study found that people with migraines who inhaled lavender essential oil reported less headache severity than those who didn’t.

    Alternatively, you can enjoy a home-brewed tea with dried lavender leaves for a relaxing effect.

  • Cold Compress Using a cold compress helps with a numbing effect

  • Cold compresses are one of the most common ways to reduce migraine headaches.

    Research has shown that applying a frozen neck wrap is the most effective way to reduce migraine headaches.

    Apply the ice pack around your neck for 15 minutes and remove it when you feel numb.

    Do not keep it longer as it may damage the skin.

  • Ginger A sip of ginger water relieves nausea

  • Ginger is a powerful remedy and has been known since ancient times to treat a number of ailments including vomiting, arthritis, and muscle pain.

    Mix half a teaspoon of ginger juice with a glass of water and take it at the beginning of a migraine to relieve nausea.

    Gently massaging ginger on the wrists and temples also relieves severe pain.

  • Acupressure Acupressure is a great way to relieve pain

  • Stimulating specific pressure points on the body will help provide much-needed pain relief.

    This is known as acupressure and can be done by yourself.

    Squeezing the Union Valley (Hegu) between the base of the thumb and forefinger is known to relieve headaches.

    Tai chong, the indented area between your big and second toes, can be pressed with your fingers to relieve headaches.

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