– Written by the VAHA team –

VAHA, an interactive fitness mirror that acts as a virtual personal trainer for your living room, was launched in the UK.

VAHA, a Germany-based fitness technology company, today announced the launch of its state-of-the-art interactive fitness mirror in the UK.

The launch makes VAHA the first such product in the UK fitness market and comes at a time when people are trying to take their lockdown induced home workouts to the next level. With the device, entire households can train how they want, whenever they want and with the best personal trainers in the world – all from the comfort of their living room.

VAHA is an interactive mirror that acts as a virtual personal trainer, like a hologram streamed straight into your home, and loaded with 200+ different workouts suitable for any training goal and preference. All workouts are digitally accessible and have been developed by qualified personal trainers.

Users can also use VAHA to book personalized training with real star trainers. The trainers then connect live to the mirror and offer users an individual personal training session.

In addition, VAHA offers live classes around the clock, where everyone in the VAHA community can train together from the comfort of their living room. Participants can see the names of their classmates live on the screen and recreate the experience of a real group training session. Members can also interact with each other after class through the VAHA Facebook Community Group.

The launch includes the VAHA X and VAHA S, a slightly smaller, more compact version with the same functions, classes and trainers.

Launched in the UK only, the VAHA S can be purchased for either a one-time fee of £ 1,150 or in monthly installments of £ 29 over 39 months. The larger VAHA X can be purchased for either a one-time fee of £ 1,950 or in monthly installments of £ 50 over 39 months. Users then pay a monthly basic membership of £ 39 to access the platform’s 200 training programs. Membership includes access to a variety of training programs and courses for your entire household, as well as free in-person training for the first month.

Overall, users can own a VAHA for either £ 89 or £ 68 per month, making it less expensive than most premium gym memberships – and usable by your entire household, with five individual profiles allowed as part of a basic monthly membership.

Exercise programs are geared towards any exercise goal, including building muscle, strengthening, cardio, and mobility. Workouts include all preferences, including HIIT, yoga, and tabata. All workouts were developed according to the concept of Flow: the sweet spot where challenges perfectly match the personal abilities of the user.

VAHA is coming to the UK in March 2020 after a hugely successful start in Germany, at a time when home fitness has never been more important. As the product is celebrating its first birthday, it is intended to provide UK users with an all-stop shop for their home fitness needs, all from the comfort of their living room.

VAHA founder Valerie Bures commented on the launch in the UK: “We are excited to bring our revolutionary training mirror to the UK and to enable fitness enthusiasts and newbies alike to exercise to achieve their training goals or to change their lifestyle their life changing spaces. “

“Our mission is to enable entire households to train how they want, whenever they want, with the best personal trainers in the world – all from the comfort of their own home.”

“After the events of last year, home fitness has never been more important. We want to help people around the world take their home training to the next level and bringing VAHA to a market as important as the UK is a huge step towards that goal. “

The product was developed by founder Bures – the inventor of Mrs. Sporty, Europe’s largest fitness chain for women – and a collection of the best scientists, medical professionals and IT experts who helped bring their revolutionary idea to life.

Since Bures started the company, VAHA has attracted investment from Porsche Ventures and London-based investment firm Unbound. HV Holtzbrinck Ventures, Global Founders Capital, TQ Ventures and RTP Global are also involved. In March 2020, the German national player and Bayern Munich goalkeeper Manuel Neuer joined the company as a partner.

More information can be found at www.vaha.uk and on our social feeds