Like many business owners, Warren Wilkins was concerned when COVID-19 closed much of the country a year ago, but unexpected successes as a result of the coronavirus prompted the business owner to expand his personal training business at home.

Wilkins, owned by BaB In-Home Personal Trainingwatched his business dry up as people followed stay home instructions and social distancing guidelines.

The drought did not last long.

When COVID-19 resulted in people spending more time at home, his company initially grew into outdoor and virtual workouts.

Warren Wilkins owns BaB Personal Training, which has added 12 new trainers to keep up with demand from COVID-19.(Courtesy photo)

And when major health clubs in the Dallas area stopped using masks earlier this monthWilkins said business is booming now with outdoor, virtual and socially distant indoor workouts.

“Lots of people gained pounds during COVID,” said Wilkins. “They want help and they need accountability, but they want to avoid the gym.”

To keep up with demand, Bab added 12 new trainers last year, now 16. The Irving company offers workouts across North Texas, and Wilkins said he plans to expand to Austin by the summer.

The training is tailored to the customer and the trainers specialize in high-intensity internal training, weight lifting, yoga and Pilates.

Wilkins said he is offering the same advice to all new customers, especially those working at home due to COVID-19.

“Be careful what you eat. Grab some healthy snacks, ”he said. “And move your body. Take a walk on your lunch break. Go wash your car. Just don’t sit down and watch Netflix. “

Irving recently unveiled a redesigned West Park that features areas for children with special needs.