Amber Eggers and Michelle ‘Puppy’ Deaton’s relationship is made for reality TV. They served drama like no other in “Love After Lockup,” especially with the sexuality and plot angles that undoubtedly intensified their plot. But the fans are concentrating elsewhere.

Amber found she was defending Puppy when users pointed out its weight loss transformation. Most were curious to see how Puppy looked noticeably different in the last episode than she looked healthier in the previous episode.

While some admired her new look, others suggested she might be on drugs. Amber quickly set the record straight and wrote one Instagram post: “We couldn’t film for several months because of Covid. She got out in winter … We only filmed again at the beginning of autumn.”


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“What drugs does Puppy take?”

Although Amber made it very clear what was causing it, users didn’t stop their allegations. “Wassup with @ pupy.michell.lovfterlockup I hope she has run out of drugs that she wants to suck up now,” wrote one. Another shared, “Puppy is really thin. She doesn’t look right at all.”

“What drugs does Puppy take?” asked a viewer. “She’s even thinner here. The meth will get you out,” said another.

There were some, however, who defended both Amber and Puppy and the entire weight loss drama. “People think this was shot last week! Lol TV World was filming in advance,” one explained, another commented, “I didn’t say anything about her going back to drugs or anything like many, so you have to don’t say it like that. ” that … time goes by and no, definitely didn’t know it was that long … but she looks absolutely beautiful and I hope things are going well. “

And that brings us to the next question: Are Amber and Puppy still together? Well, given their social media updates, it seems like they survived their arguments and played through the show, but then again, they signed contracts before recording shows. So with them, what you see is never really what you get.

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