Jada Kingdom has again reached out on social media to address rumors that she tried to commit suicide.

The dancehall singer went live on Instagram with a friend to share about several stories that have been spreading in the media over the past few weeks. The first topic she brought up was rumors that she had undergone plastic surgery. Jada Kingdom said, “Remember that such a gyal-born, well-run guest is in the family.”

Checking that her friend understood her patois, Jada Kingdom continued, “Have a good run in the family. Wi never never just go and just pick it up, a god gi wi. So it did unda deh areddi, girl just did dicka and she fi dick. And Gyal looked fine from morning on. Period.”

“So everyone inna mi inbox a conversation about how mi surgery on my stomach, f ** k you!” added the singer.

Jada Kingdom then made a shocking revelation, telling viewers that she was diagnosed with diabetes in 2016 and also suffered from bipolar depression. She said: “I ate a few stupid things, fried everything. Rice was my best friend. “She stated that her weight fluctuated weekly and because of her depression, nothing mattered to her.

“I was ready to die,” said the singer. “To be honest, I thank you for the verse because if it’s a new verse I honestly feel like I would have loved to have lost a certain way. Verse is literally like one of the best things to happen to me in my whole life. “

She talked about eating better, eating well, becoming a pescatarian for over two years, and generally taking better care of her body. Now that she’s a better version of herself, Jada said that people just hold onto who she was in the past.

Addressing rumors of skin bleaching, she stated, “Mi nah Bleach. Eat clean, live clean, pray, trust God, that’s it. “She again denied rumors that she was on drugs, saying her personality was only naturally illuminated. The singer recently posted another video on her Instagram story cursing haters for spreading rumors that she was using cocaine.

Jada also spread rumors that she was dating another artist, saying, “I don’t have beef with anyone.”

Regarding her alleged hospitalization and subsequent placement of the suicide watch, the dancehall singer said it was an outright lie. “It was rumored that I was in the hospital trying to commit suicide, that’s a lie. That’s a big lie. I needed a social media detox and took a two week hiatus and that was the best two weeks of my royal life. You should try, ”she added.

The singer ended her live video by warning fans to be careful who they trust. She also encouraged people interested in music not to give up, as they will face challenges and mistakes, but should remain determined.

Jada and her friend also showed off some dancing skills when she joined Spice’s #GoDownDeh challenge. Jada gained her waist and showed serious knee strength. She yelled, “Yuh nuh bad like me Spice, Yuh nuh bad like me,” while her friend cheered her on. Unfortunately, Jada couldn’t keep up when she fell strangely to the floor.

Spice republished the IG Live clip, adding the caption, “@jadakingdom yuh see me? I don’t bother people until they worry me and you see how I never bother you and you call my name and say I’m not bad like you? Aright den WATCH MI AND YUH (When I wake up later) #godowndehchallenge is getting serious now. “

The two artists have a beautiful friendship that blooms right in front of their fans, and they love every minute of it. Spice has now promised to go live on Instagram to take on Jada and her numerous fans are already declaring her the winner.