After shocking fans with her stunning makeover in Goa, India, 90-day fiancé star and Sumit’s lover Jenny Slatten shared her weight loss trick.

It is true that Jenny Slatten has the greatest age difference with her partner Sumit Singh when it comes to the ladies of 90 days fiance. Born in Palm Springs, he has often been deceived, fished and insulted by Sumit 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, but Jenny is surprisingly still in India. But with the ongoing pandemic, the “old lady” Jenny, as Sumit’s parents call her, is looking younger every day. After flaunting a stunning new look on Sumit’s 33rd birthday in Goa, Jenny, 62, revealed her secret to healthy weight loss to her fans.

Although Sumit and Jenny, who featured in the 90-day season of Fiancé: The Other Way 1, have been together for 10 years, they saw little success getting engaged or getting married on the show. With Sumit’s first catfishing jenny Under the guise of Michael Jones, it came as a shock to many to later marry another woman while the American grandma stayed in the dark. But even when Sumit got divorced from his wife, his mother played the villain in his fiancé Bollywood-style 90-day drama by even threatening him with suicide. But with Jenny and his 29-year age difference being the only reason the TLC parents were against Sumit, it looks like her new look may lead her to accept her blessing on the 90-day fiancé couple’s marriage give.

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Currently ahead of the ongoing pandemic with Sumit in India, 90-day fiance star Jenny Slatten often gives updates about her life there on Facebook. With the travel restrictions eased a bit, Jenny and Sumit recently went on a trip to the sunny state of Goa, where she presented a new body in stunning beach clothes. Perhaps then 90-day fiancée asked Jenny about the secret of her unrecognizable appearance, which she says is going on. Jenny shared a video of herself going into the mall to get something to eat while she was walking. The 90-day fiancé gushed, “I did it, and so can you,” while adding that she feels better after losing about five to six pounds.

Jenny Slatten Weight Loss Sumit India Secret In 90 Days Fiance 2

While Jenny followed the safety precautions in the clip and her face was covered by a mask, the TLC viewers couldn’t stop admiring her good looks. “You look fabulous, Jenny.” “You look beautiful.” “It is good for my heart to see you so happy,” repeated most of Sumit and Jenny’s supporters. Some others thanked the 90 day fiancé for the motivation and some others were impressed with Jenny promoting the benefits of walking which “really is a great exercise,” as mentioned by a fan.

With no information yet on whether Sumit and Jenny are still married, their presence in India could mean that the story would be far more dramatic if they turned up at another 90-day fiancé spinoff. It appears after viewing Sumit and Jenny for 90 days of cash all that parents still loathe them. But will Jenny, who appears to be an excellent hiker, be able to escape these ubiquitous troubles anytime soon? Maybe the 90-day fiancé has the answers himself.

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