Initially a complete shock to the system, national bans seem to have become something that we are now quite used to. And although they were originally a rough break in our studio and Fitness training, Home workout has long been the dish of the day. Best of all, we’ve all realized that you can work out just as well on your kitchen floor. Granted, you may have a little less piece Fitness equipment for the home and you might have to dodge a pet or two, but sweaty, you’re in the money.

The only thing (and, in fact, it can be a pretty big deal) is that training at home can be a quick ticket to injury-ville in case you do a few joint Failure to exercise at home. The Body Coach, aka the brilliant Joe Wicks, (lululemons new ambassador, don’t know) says there are six mistakes he sees people make in their home fitness routines. Fortunately, he’s also here to help solve problems.

1. Skip the warm-up

We all made it, jumped straight into a session without properly preparing. It “makes sense” (kind of not really) at this point, but know that you are expecting some bad results.

“In my YouTube workouts, I try to encourage people to warm up, but sometimes they want to go ahead and get started right away. Now I’m trying to incorporate warm-up exercises into my workout. That way, you prep your joints and your body is prepared and you can get into a nice deep squat and lunge without tensing up, ”says Wicks.

‘Yes, it’s the “boring” part of the workout, the warm-up and the cooling downbut it is most effective for your flexibility and joints, and to really get the most out of the session, you will recover faster. I would really stress the need, even if it’s a quick three or four minutes dynamic warm upbefore you start doing explosive jumps and the like. ‘

Understood? No more slacking off on the more boring things. It will help you in the long run.

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2. Don’t focus on your form

There is nothing like having a personal trainer to show you where you are wrong with your training technique. Unfortunately, this is not realistic when you are exercising at home. Because of this, we can get into bad shape without realizing it and then keep the same bad habits every time we exercise. Very not good.

Wicks has pretty simple hacks to get you back on tech lane, see what the trainer is doing, and try to recreate it with the help of a mirror.

‘Video content from a trainer demonstrating the technique will help. It is also good to have a mirror to exercise with as you can see your shape, which can be very useful. A good online trainer will demonstrate good technique to you – just try your best to participate. ‘

3. You think it’s all about your body

Exercise is just as important to your mind as it is to your body, so don’t get caught thinking about anything else.

“Don’t just do it for your physical body. So many people just do it for their bodies like it’s punishment, ”says Wicks. “When you change your mindset and start thinking about the mental health benefits and how much it changes your life and how much better you are feeling, that will motivate you to come back and exercise.”

We can’t agree anymore, JW.

4. You think you need a lot of equipment to get fit

Having a fully equipped home gym is a nice thing, but it’s absolutely not a necessity. You can get super fit with just your body weight.

“I really think all you need is a good one” Exercise mat and a Water bottle. That’s because most of the exercises I do are done with only my own body weight, ”says Wicks. But don’t be fooled, bodyweight exercises are necessarily easier than their weighted counterparts. You can make them a lot more challenging just by slowing down the exercise, adding static grips, or removing a point of contact with the floor – one arm pushups, anyone?

5. Waiting for an injury to stretch

This is a big problem and is very much linked to point one. Running through the week with no time for it recreation (Stretching and mobility work) or overtraining can lead to injuries. The best way to avoid this is to make stretching part of your daily routine.

“My advice is don’t wait until you’re tired and in pain and injury somewhere before you start taking it seriously. Be someone who can really move their body, who exercises all joints. That way you can move better and feel much safer while exercising. ‘

6. Don’t adapt your exercise routine to your lifestyle

Big plans tend to, uh, fail, shall we say. A brilliant 45 minute workout might not work in the real world if you only have 30 minutes before the kids wake up or your boss calls for that early morning zoom. So be sure to make your workout as realistic as possible for your daily routine – this will help make it happen.

“It’s about reducing the resistance – the friction points between you and your workout,” says Wicks. “If you are using your kitchen, bedroom, living room, or garden, there is no excuse. You could do it in your pants or in your underwear if you wanted. This is the quickest route to a sustainable and consistent training routine. ‘

So whether you get fit in your underwear (hopefully wear a supportive one Sports bra) or in the right sports gear, don’t shoot at the moon every day. It will only demotivate you. Instead, aim for small, consistent wins. It is you who contribute to long-term progress – trust us.

Are you missing the inspiration? Try one of these 51 Home workout today.

Hands up if you got into one (or more) of these bad habits? We definitely have. But now we know better, let’s do it better. To our Yoga mat for a while we think!

In collaboration with lululemon, Joe Wicks has started a new three-episode YouTube series.The year that changed me‘to celebrate his latest ambassadorship lululemonwho has touched topics of meditation and movement.

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