With so many celebrities choosing to go under the knife, social media users can easily believe that many celebrities are undergoing plastic surgery. While musicians like Megan Thee stallion and Chloe Bailey Open to hugging their natural bodies, there are plenty of celebs who claim they are all natural while keeping their beauty treatments a secret. Now, celebrity and model Jordyn Woods found that the world is questioning their weight loss.

The 23-year-old recently posted a before and after photo to highlight her fitness journey over the years. And while Jordyn claims that her weight loss was due to her consistent exercise, social media users immediately called her out for lying – although there is no solid evidence that Jordyn actually did any job. Read on for the full overview.

Social media users believe that Jordyn’s weight loss was due to plastic surgery.

If you’ve kept up with Jordyn since dating the Smiths and the Kardashian-Jenner clan, you probably know she’s struggled with her weight. However, through her passion for fitness and longing for a healthier lifestyle, she was able to lose weight and achieve a super curvy body in the process.

However, social media users are convinced that the star had plastic surgery. And since she uses her trip to promote her new fitness app, FRSTPLATZMany people are not satisfied with their alleged “false advertising”.

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Jordyn Woods, who’s bringing out a fitness app, is really hilarious. Cheater.

– Maybe: Lauren (@madrelauren) September 9, 2021

On the flip side, some people believe that Jordyn is being haunted by plastic surgery rumors because of her previous association with the Kardashian-Jenner family. It’s not news that many people believe the family has done a lot of work. And because she was so close to them, many believe she succumbed to the pressure to get her job done.

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But Jordyn’s friend Karl Anthony Cities, quickly shutting down internet trolls by defending his main pressure. In one tons of twitter posts, Karl announced that he “saw the results and the confidence” [him], that’s all natural. “

Karl also promoted Jordyn’s fitness app FRSTPLACE and took a moment to cheer up Jordyn and declare his love for her.

Are we saying women can’t work hard and change their bodies? I’ve SEEN the hard work and seen the results and trust myself, it’s all natural. Since she was 10 years old, people called this woman hideous things because of her weight and instead of letting her

– Karl-Anthony Towns (@KarlTowns) September 9, 2021

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Jordyn’s before and after photo garnered over 600,000 likes on Instagram.

Despite the opinions on social media, Jordyn’s fitness journey has influenced a lot of people. At this point in time, the model has received over 600.00 likes on her before and after the photo Instagram.

In the photo, Jordyn’s before picture shows the star before her fitness journey began. In her afterimage, Jordyn’s body looks tighter, more defined, and more curvaceous.

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“Gosh, I got this photo from the @ frst.place team and I look back to find that I’ve come a long way and it didn’t happen overnight,” wrote Jordyn. “I can’t even believe I’m posting this, but this is really me and this is my journey. Hopefully this can inspire some of you! It all started with a lot of mental and emotional work and the physical came with it. We all start somewhere. “

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Jordyn shared the details of her next challenge with her FRSTPLACE fitness app subscribers. Participants are required to complete full instructions on the app, post a before and after photo tagging Jordyn and the app, and use the hashtag #JWStartingPoint on their post. The first place winner will receive $ 2,000, the runner-up will receive $ 1,500, and the third will receive $ 500.

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Although people continue to share their opinions, doubting the Jordyn’s journey, she is committed to helping fans lead healthier lifestyles and achieve their desired fitness goals.

It is safe to assume that Jordyn’s body is all natural, especially since evidence of her false advertising of her fitness journey can be easily exposed. Remember, just because a lot of celebrities choose to go under the knife doesn’t mean Jordyn falls into that category.

We wish Jordyn every success with her fitness app FRSTPLACE!