Kansas and Missouri received top ratings for home health care, according to a recent study.

The Seniors List, a senior information company, ranked Missouri number two and Kansas number one for home health care, which has become a booming industry. The study looked at home health worker employment, care worker employment, home nurse employment, and affordability.

Home health directors at Mosaic Life Care said the industry had been a popular option both during the pandemic and before. This type of care allows people to stay at home instead of being in a rehab facility, nursing home, or hospital. However, the setup brings some challenges for the employees.

“Visiting a patient at home is an uncontrolled environment,” said Chris Weigel, Director of Home Health at Mosaic Life Care. “We need procedures and guidelines in place to truly protect our caregivers and make sure they are over.” have the equipment and skills they need to care for the patient. “

People often choose health at home so that they can enjoy the comfort of their home. Cheryl Daniels, who oversees the Care-at-Home program at Mosaic Life Care, said they provide professional care to people discharging from the hospital.

“Patients like to be at home. When they leave the hospital, we can offer this care temporarily as long as they have a nurse willing and able to help them,” Daniels said. “We can offer bathing, physiotherapy and occupational therapy. You will recover much better in your home. “

Home health care needs to ensure that medications and treatments remain consistent in the hospital, at home nursing homes, and in the hospice. Regardless of the location, personal support is the mission.

“Ultimately, they decide how they want to be treated and how their disease should be treated,” said Cassie Hodge, Mosaic Life Care’s hospice director Hospices. “