WINDERMERE, Florida., September 14, 2021 / PRNewswire / – KEEN Growth Capital (“KEEN”), an impact mutual fund focused on food and wellness, announced today that it has invested in five companies advocating evidence-based foods and supplements that use Food as medicine through an innovative brand package.

“We are excited to add five companies with scientific and clinical studies to our portfolio,” said Jonathan Smiga, Co-founder and managing partner of KEEN. “As consumers demand more natural health solutions, we believe that evidence-based nutrition is paramount to meeting growing consumer performance expectations.”

KEEN’s Advanced Micronutrition will serve as a platform to promote the suite of evidence-based nutritional brands that support health and wellbeing at all stages of life and health. Nutritional solutions range from insured nutrient-rich whole food kits for diabetic communities at risk to scientifically developed and clinically tested foods and supplements that are beneficial to both acute and chronic health conditions.

The Advanced Micronutrition Food as Medicine business suite includes:

New products from the suite of companies are introduced September 23, 2021 at the Expo East in Philadelphia at Advanced Micronutrition Food as Medicine Booth # 4019. For more information, visit foodmed.gesundheit.

About KEEN growth capital

KEEN Growth Capital is an impact investment fund that invests in early-stage food and wellness companies in the growing health-focused food categories such as medicine, functional foods and healthy snacks. With a portfolio of evidence-based companies, KEEN drives financial growth while delivering positive social impact. visit for more.

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