The life of an actor is not easy. They need to increase and decrease according to the demands of the characters. But the effects are to be expected after the film ends and the actors will have to lose their newly accumulated weight or regain their previous weight. And so was Kriti Sanon’s journey. Kriti played the role of a surrogate mother in her recent film Mimi and had gained 15kg more to look more real and authentic. Losing those extra pounds was nothing less than Herculin’s job, and Kriti took to Instagram to share her daily workout routine and gym visits.Also read – Weight Loss Tips: How To Use Lemon To Shed Those Extra Pounds

Her caption reads: “While it was a challenge for Mimi to gain 15 kg, it was not easy for Chubby Sanon to lose those pounds either! and .. I kept Param Sundari for later so that I would have the motivation to get back in shape! (sic) ” Also read – Kiara Advani’s hot black bralette and skirt are worth 79,500 rupees – love or something? | See pictures

The actress openly shared that her strength, endurance and flexibility had literally diminished and went to zero. She adds, “After gaining so much weight for the first time and not exercising (not even yoga!) For 3 months, my stamina, strength, and flexibility had dropped to zero! In fact, I had to slowly get back to mobility, with my joints constantly clicking. ” Also read – Monsoon Diet For Dull Skin: Simple Tips For Healthy Skin In The Rainy Season

In the end, it was her trainer who helped her. With the support of the prominent fitness trainer Yasmin Karachiwala, she was able to regain her strength.

She had previously shared a picture of hers on Mimi’s sets on Instagram and she wrote: “Mimi’s chubest day. Read on to see how this picture was accidentally taken in the Godh Bharai (baby shower) scene. She also said: “Couldn’t recognize me! ”

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