LOVE ABBY: I had weight loss surgery six months ago. I haven’t seen the dramatic change that some people experience. I’ve only lost about 50 pounds.

My problem is that friends who know I’ve had an operation keep asking me how much weight I’ve lost. I think it’s a rude question and none of their business. I understand people are curious, especially since they haven’t seen me in person due to COVID restrictions. How do I answer without saying “None of your business”?

– Lose in New Jersey

LOVE LOSING: Your friends may be just curious and want to congratulate you on a great loss, and £ 50 is one. However, you don’t have to answer every question asked. All you have to say is, “I’ll let you guess as soon as you see me again.” If they ask for a clue, stick to your guns and change the subject. Then consider the following: You can judge the success of your surgery for yourself.

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