CHICAGO (WLS) – Eggs are a big part of Easter traditions.

Children go on an egg hunt. Families dye eggs. However, once the day is over, you’ll have a ton of hard-boiled eggs left.

Women Weight Loss Coach and Health and Fitness Expert Stephanie Mansour says eggs are full of protein and amino acids. They can speed up your metabolism and help build muscle.

She shared four ways to use those leftover eggs.

First, if you’re not a fan of egg yolks, she recommends shredding the whites and adding some seasoning.

Second, you should add them to salads. The eggs are high in protein, but only have 75 calories per egg.

Third, an egg salad. Instead of making a high-carb sandwich, she recommends using a cracker or tortilla boat as a vehicle to eat your egg salad. Keep it open to eat fewer carbohydrates.

And finally, try making your own bento box. Take some eggs and place them in a container with grapes or carrots to make a snack for yourself.

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