One mother who dropped a staggering ten stones says she is “happier when she is taller” after having excess skin around her belly.

Becky Motton, of Leigh, fell into a deep depression when her partner died in 2014 and her weight rose to 21 stones.

Knowing she needed to make vital changes, the 28-year-old cut out junk food and started running more and eating healthily when the ban hit.

Now it has dropped to 12 stones, but there is loose skin on the belly.

Ms. Motton has suffered from her health as she was born with a hole in her heart, but even after her incredible weight loss, she still feels apprehensive about how she looks.

She is now seeking help from the public to raise £ 8,500 through GoFundMe for a private surgery to remove the excess skin and regain her life.

The mother of two said, “I had a few consultations and was given between £ 13,000 and £ 20,000.

“I will never have that.

“My mental health medications didn’t help.

“It was never like I just sat and ate.

“I’ve lost ten years of my life, I’ve stayed in relationships I shouldn’t have been in.

“I have a little girl and I can’t go swimming, but I want to be a good parent.

“Not everyone gets excess skin.

“It prevents me from doing things with the kids and from wearing outfits.

“If anything, I was happier when I was taller.

“I thought losing weight would make me happy, but it isn’t.

Ms. Motton, who has two children, ages three and nine, now trains regularly in the gym and is feeling better health.

She said, “If I had seen a doctor ten stones harder, they might have made my stomach smaller, but that’s the easy option. I wanted to do it right.

“The NHS will have had a lot of money to pay for diabetes in the long run if I got that.

“My children are the most important thing to me. If that makes her happy, that’s for the best, and I don’t care what others think. ”

Ms. Motton also runs her own fundraiser, such as a 20-mile walk on a day in late July, to help raise funds.

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