1 School Food Staff – A year ago this month, the COVID-19 pandemic hit and schools across Texas had to move immediately from in-person to virtual learning. Millions of children are at risk of losing access to the food they rely on for school meals. However, school nutrition teams across the Dallas area worked immediately, working day and night to find new ways to provide food for the students. They found innovative solutions such as pick-and-go collections, food deliveries and more.

In the past 12 months the crisis has deepened and more families in our community are facing financial pressures. Today, an alarming one in three children in Texas could be starving. School nutrition workers were there the entire time, working tirelessly through the summer, weekends and holidays to make sure the children got the food they needed.

Many thanks to our school nutrition heroes. They help our children stay healthy and ready to learn and offer something constant in these difficult times. Your love and commitment for what you do and those you serve does not go unnoticed, and our gratitude cannot be overstated!

Stacie Sanchez Hare, San Antonio, director of No Kid Hungry Texas

2 A friendly neighbor – Like many others, I have had a cold home during recent power outages. When the heat returned, a pipe burst on an outside wall. My neighbor came to the rescue. Together we turn off the water supply within minutes to minimize the damage. Then he loaned me a shop so I could start cleaning up. Finally, he graciously gave me access to his house since he left town so I could fill my containers with water because my pipes would be closed until a plumber could come. He made the difference in what would otherwise have been a disastrous event.

“That’s what neighbors are for,” he said simply when I later tried to get it to take away from his favorite restaurant.

As a new homeowner who lived in my home for less than four months, this taught me so much about the grace of being a good neighbor.

Beth Andresen, Dallas

3 Dallas City Council Member, Cara Mendelsohn – I was pleased that Cara Mendelsohn kept emailing me District 12 newsletters following her election to Dallas City Council. They are well written and informative. They hold on to the fine tradition of Sandy Greyson who served before her.

I was particularly pleased that in her February newsletter she listed and thanked so many groups who stood up for the people of Dallas during the cold spells and blackouts. I hope that more elected leaders can make a habit of recognizing and thanking those who volunteer and help.

John Stettler, Dallas / Lochwood

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