Lexington Insurance Co., an American International Group Inc. company, has introduced enhanced professional and general liability insurance for various healthcare facilities.

Coverage applies to small and medium-sized facilities as well as broader medium-sized health care providers, including home health authorities, community health facilities, physical therapy providers, and surgical centers.

The policy covers medical directors, staff and volunteers and includes professional and general liability with double overall tower limits.

According to an email from a spokesperson, the available limits are $ 1 million per event / $ 3 million for general liability and professional liability in separate towers.

The policy includes cover for disciplinary action, cover for subpoenas and filing aid, attendance at court hearings, and cover from Good Samaritans.

Endorsed coverage, including liability for employee benefits, crisis management, fines under the Portability and Accountability of Health Insurance Act, and options for defense costs outside of insurance limits.

Policyholder services include Lexington Healthcare’s Risk Management Advisory Service. Risk assessments of high exposure areas such as behavioral health and perioperative; On-site training / virtual risk management; virtual crisis prevention and verbal de-escalation training; and emerging exposure notices and warning messages.

Sue Chmieleski, Lexington’s director of health services, said in a statement that the operating environment for healthcare companies, especially midsize providers, is getting tougher by the day.