Life Fitness is known for their reliable and comfortable treadmills, and the Club Series Plus meets modern expectations with technology that offers runners many up-to-date conveniences. While these features come with a larger price tag than some other treadmills, the Club Series+ is sure to be a machine users can depend on, with some very high-tech bonuses.

Main Takeaways

  • The Club Series+ gives buyers the option of choosing from three different displays.
  • Runners can save and repeat their last 10 workouts.
  • This treadmill supports heavier runners with a weight capacity of 400 pounds. 

The Life Fitness Club Series+ Treadmill Highlights

From its sleek design to its cushioned running belt, the Club Series+ is built to serve many different runners. Its all-steel frame and powerful motor support users of up to 400 lb, while its cushioned deck benefits those looking for a tread that’s easy on the joints

The option to upgrade from the standard C console (which only includes a handful of pre-installed workouts) to either the SE3 or the ST will interest runners looking for more variety since these two displays come loaded with plenty of more classes. These two consoles also allow runners to use the Life Fitness Connect app to download and save their data.

Club Series+

Life Fitness Club Series Plus Treadmill

The spacious design of the Club Series+ allows users to get creative with their runs. Its 22” x 60” tread is much wider than those of some other treadmills, and the openness of the area around the console allows for unrestricted arm swings during runs.

Who Should Buy the Life Fitness Club Series+ Treadmill

  • Marathoners and athletes with specific training programs. This treadmill can save and repeat their last 10 workouts. 
  • Those who prioritize a quality build and want to make an investment in their fitness gear. 
  • Tech-savvy runners looking for a treadmill with the latest upgrades.

Who Shouldn’t Buy the Life Fitness Club Series+ Treadmill

  • Shoppers on a tight budget as this high-end treadmill carries a premium price tag. 
  • Homeowners who don’t have the extra space since the Club Series+ is not foldable and will take up some space.


Generally speaking, the Club Series+ is going to cost buyers a pretty penny. This treadmill already sells at $6,619 if buyers select the standard Integrity C console. The price goes up to $7,349 if buyers opt for the Discover ST console since it is bigger and a touchscreen. The Discover SE3 console bumps up the price higher to $8,599 since it is an even bigger touchscreen and provides access to Life Fitness’ on-demand classes.

Overall Build and Quality

This modern treadmill not only looks nice, but it’s also constructed to last a long time. Its sleek design highlights its high tech features, while its welded steel frame ensures its durability. Life Fitness also added aluminum kick-resistant end caps on this treadmill to reinforce its stability. 

Side view of Club Series+Image from Life Fitness


Some of the features of the Club Series+ will depend on the console the buyer chooses. No matter which direction they go, this Life Fitness treadmill offers faster speeds and higher inclines than some other treadmills. 

Incline range

Runners looking to simulate running uphill can do so with the steep inclines this treadmill provides. Users can set the Club Series+ on gradients as high as 15% for a workout sure to help them strengthen their lower body.

Speed range

With speeds ranging from 0.5 to 12 miles per hour, buyers can utilize this treadmill for a variety of runs. Lifters can warmup with the Club Series+ before they head into their strength training, while Crossfitters can use the treadmill to implement sprints to improve their explosiveness.

Included workouts

The three different consoles available for this treadmill allows for a variety of workout options. The standard Integrity C console provides runners with three basic settings such as manual mode, quick start, and a hill routine, as well as the opportunity to choose a random workout. The other two consoles include the same four programs and more.

Runners will find more workouts designed to hit very specific goals if they decide to go for the Discover SE3 or the Discover ST console. The pre-loaded workouts are categorized as goal-based, targeted heart rate, and fitness tests. The goal-based programs include trainings focussed on time, distance, calories, climb, heart rate, and speed. Runners can work towards their targeted heart rate goals throughout programs such as Moderate Burn, Vigorous Burn, Fixed Time Interval, and Variable Time Interval.

View of St ConsoleImage of Discover ST console from Life Fitness

These two consoles also include seven different fitness tests. Four of these can be used to assess the overall fitness of those in the armed forces. Law enforcement can use the Physical Efficiency setting to gauge just how fit they are. At the same time, firefighters will experience moments of increased speed and incline to reach a targeted heart rate throughout the WFI Submax Protocol. Lastly, the Life Fitness Fit Test determines a runner’s fitness level by monitoring their heart rate and estimates how much oxygen they’re using. 


Buyers can choose between the smaller C console if they want a more standard operating system or the SE3 and ST if they wish to have more modern features. The 7-inch Integrity C console is simple for easy navigation and gives runners readouts of metrics such as speed, time, distance, heart rate, calories, and incline. The SE3 and ST consoles are bigger and provide more data such as pace and METs and variations of the heart rate, time, and distance metrics. 

View of C ConsoleImage of Integrity C console from Life Fitness

Life Fitness designed the SE3 console to create an engaging and immersive running experience. Its 21.5” screen is wide and delivers crisp images. This high-definition screen might make runners forget they’re working out especially since it allows for the streaming of entertainment apps such as Netflix, YouTube, Flipboard, Solitaire, Chess, Sudoku, Pandora, Spotify, BBC, ESPN, and The Economist. 

View of SE3 consoleImage of Discover SE3 console from Life Fitness

The ST console delivers the same classes as the SE3 on a smaller 16” touchscreen monitor. It also does not allow for the usage of apps. Another difference between the two consoles is that while the SE3 is compatible with the Apple Watch and the Samsung Galaxy Watch, the ST is not.

View of ST ConsoleImage of Discover ST console from Life Fitness

The nice thing about this treadmill is that runners can save their last 10 workouts no matter the console they choose. Runners can use their saved activities as drills they can repeat to work towards their goals. There are also built-in controls on the treadmill convenient for runners who choose the touchscreen monitors. They’ll be able to adjust their speed and inclines easily even during their sweatiest runs.  


With all its features, this treadmill does not include a cooling fan. Because of this, it is recommended to store the Club Series+ in a well-ventilated area.

Heart Rate Monitoring 

This Club Series+ treadmill offers runners two heart rate monitoring options. They can grab the pulse sensors below the console or use the included wireless chest strap.

HDMI, USB, and Other Inputs

Runners will be able to charge their phones on this treadmill as all three consoles provide a USB port. There is also an AUX jack available on the SE3 and the ST consoles.

Bluetooth and Audio Options

Generally speaking, there are no speakers on this treadmill. However, runners can also use Bluetooth headphones with the SE3 and ST consoles since they are compatible.

Water Bottle, Cup Holders, Tablet, and Phone Holders

The Club Series+ provides two cup holders that can also act as charging stations for smart devices.    

Product Specs

The Club Series+ is a powerful treadmill that can support a lot of weight while also providing users a spacious and cushioned surface for a comfortable running experience. 

Motor Size 

Along with its steel frame, this treadmill has a strong 4.0 hp motor. It’s worth mentioning that it is AC powered which results in a more powerful motor that can sometimes be a bit noisier. 

Running Area

The Club Series+ provides a much wider running area than most other treadmills. It measures 22” x 60” and allows runners to incorporate a variety of lateral movements.

Weight Capacity

This treadmill should support a lot of different runners since it has a weight capacity of up to 400 lb.

Folding Options 

This treadmill is not foldable. 

The Club Series+ treadmill measures in at 82″ x 36″ x 56″. A treadmill of this size might not be the best choice for small home gyms especially since it can not be folded.

Electrical Requirements

This treadmill requires a 120-volt outlet which can be found standard in many homes.


The Club Series+ is backed by a 10-year warranty on all electrical and mechanical components. Life Fitness also offers a one year warranty on labor.

Belt Information and Roller Size 

Life Fitness equipped this treadmill with a 2-ply belt made to last longer with its 3.5” front and back rollers. These rollers are much bigger than those of most standard treadmills and can help extend the belt’s life.

Cushioning and Feel

This treadmill provides runners with a cushioned running surface through Life Fitness’ patented FlexDeck technology. These custom-engineered Life Springs allow for more bend of the deck and can help to alleviate stress on the joints even if runners are performing a light warmup. It also can absorb shock by up to 30%. 

Workout Apps and Compatibility

Runners can access the Life Fitness Connect app if they purchase the Club Series+ with the SE3 or the ST console. Runners can create their own custom workouts and use Bluetooth to upload and store their data. LF Connect also allows runners to use over a dozen compatible apps like MyFitnessPal, Apple Health, and RunSocial. 

Subscription Options 

Buyers who opt for the SE3 console will be granted free access to Life Fitness’s digital library of instructor-led classes. Life Fitness On Demand features in-studio recorded workouts for runners of all levels and includes programs for walking, jogging, sprinting, and inclined runs. Classes range from 10 to 40 minutes and are added on a regular basis.

Runner selecting a class on the Club Series+ treadmillImage from Life Fitness

Places to Buy 

The Club Series+ is available for purchase on the Life Fitness website.

Company Information 

Life Fitness has produced trustworthy fitness equipment for over 50 years. They construct reliable cardio machines and strength training equipment

Return Policy

Buyers have 15 days to return their treadmill if it is defective. They must return the machine with a Return Material Authorization Number which they can get by contacting Life Fitness at 1-800-735-3867.


Life Fitness can be contacted at 1-800-527-6065 or by submitting a Contact a Sales Representative form on their website.

Wrapping Up 

The Club Series+ provides runners with many modern features that should keep them fully engaged and motivated throughout their workouts. Its price might not be suitable for every buyer, but the option to choose from three different displays allows runners to create the treadmill that best meets their needs and goals. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that this sleek treadmill will look nice in many homes. 


Does Life Fitness offer a more affordable treadmill?

They do. The T3 is a more affordable option priced at $2,599 but it won’t have the same features and specs as the Club Series+. Its running area is still wide but will be a bit smaller since it measures 20” x 60” and its motor is also less powerful.  

Is this treadmill easy to move?

No. It weighs 434 lb. While it does have two front wheels so that it’s easier to move, it is recommended to do so with some assistance.

Does the Club Series+ require a lot of maintenance?

Life Fitness recommends weekly cleanings of the console and exterior of the Club Series+ treadmill. Buyers will need to use a soft cotton cloth with a Life Fitness approved or compatible solution. The area surrounding and under the treadmill will need to be vacuumed regularly as well as the belt. Life Fitness also suggests weekly checks of the emergency system and stop button.