West Medical’s MWL program provides a sensible weight loss program for adult patients of all ages.

Evidence that obesity is statistically likely to lead to recurrent cancer underscores the need for patients to consider medical treatment for weight loss.

April 20th items UPI reports on a study that found an association between obesity and increased risk of a second incidence of breast cancer. The study interviewed about 6,500 women who were being treated for cancer. After seven years, 822 of the women developed a second attack of cancer. In about 60 percent of cases, the cause of secondary cancer was found to be related to obesity. Southern California-based weight loss center West Medical says the results are not surprising, given that obesity has been linked to an increasing number of life-threatening diseases, including many cancers, for decades. However, the clinic says that evidence that obesity is statistically likely to lead to recurrent cancers further underscores the need for patients to consider medical treatment for weight loss.

According to West Medical, it is entirely possible for the most strong-willed patient to lose significant amounts of weight without medical intervention, although the effort is enormous. The problem is to maintain this weight loss indefinitely. The center says it is common for many people to lose ten, fifteen, and even tens of pounds in a tight time frame, only to see progress quickly reverse when the body starts fighting what it is perceives as the onset of hunger and encourages weight gain in many ways, including by increasing appetite.

West Medical notes that people who lose a lot of weight often struggle with their bodies. Biological mechanisms in the body can sense weight loss and reduced calorie intake, which signals the body to increase hunger hormone production, resulting in near-insatiable hunger.

The Weight Loss Center says this process likely brought evolutionary benefit to our ancestors and gave the early peoples an indomitable urge to survive. However, the effect is counterproductive at a time when locating food is as easy as going back to the pantry or the refrigerator. West Medical adds that this is also not a question of willpower; The processes that go on here are instinctive, incessant, and practically unbeatable without intervention.

The center says the good news is that people struggling with obesity have options. Bariatric surgery is a proven way to safely achieve and maintain rapid weight loss. West Medical says that pod gastrectomy, also known as a Gastric cuffis an excellent example. The surgery is believed to target areas of the stomach responsible for producing hunger hormones and, as a result, provide patients with an opportunity to combat obesity without the excruciating feeling of hunger stopping or reversing the progress of weight loss. West Medical notes that patients who lose significant amounts of weight often see a lower risk of life-threatening illnesses as well, which is another example of why losing weight is so important.

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