LITTLETON, Colorado (KDVR) – Hunger is still a major problem that many in America are dealing with in the pandemic.

Feeding America estimates that 50 million people are currently food insecure. That’s one in three people here in Colorado.

A school nutritionist hopes lawmakers in Congress will follow steps taken here on the Front Range to help families.

Like many education workers, the pandemic has been a busy time for Jessica Gould, director of nutrition services and printing at Littleton Public Schools.

“We’ve really changed the different ways we bring our meals to children. Right now we’re out and actually having meals for our online student, ”said Gould.

That’s right, students who are not in the classroom due to the pandemic are also entitled to meals.

“We offer healthy meals to all students. The exemptions granted by the USDA allowed us to offer free meals to all of our Littleton students, ”said Gould.

The district began realizing in March last year that families in difficult times also needed help.

“We’re just a simple constant. You don’t have to worry about meals. We have her back. Come to us and we will feed you, ”said Gould.

More than 100,000 meals in Littleton were distributed. Now Gould will testify to members of Congress in a virtual panel, trying to replicate Littleton’s success across the country.

“I think national would have the greatest impact. Families who can face these challenges in Colorado have families in every state. So we know it’s going to have an impact across the country, but we have it here too. We want to make sure that no matter what happens, the child is prepared to learn successfully, ”said Gould.

If you are outside of Littleton but still need food aid, contact your school district to see if they have a nutritionist or similar program that can help you.

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