One food addicted mother shared how her amazing 14 stone weight loss left friends who thought her husband dumped her for another woman.

Margaret Wilson, 49, revealed that her companion Brian’s workmates thought she was his new wife after she lost weight from a size of 32 to a creeping size of 10.


Margaret Wilson lost an incredible 14thCredit: The Sun
The mother was the heaviest over 24


The mother was the heaviest over 24
The change was so dramatic that her husband Brian's work colleagues thought he had a new partner


The change was so dramatic that her husband Brian’s work colleagues thought he had a new partner

And she admitted that a healthy eating plan where she went from 24 to 10 pounds in just two years changed her life.

Margaret, who piled on the pounds four years a week from years of snacking and eating, said, “I’m physically half the woman I once was, but I’m a whole new me.

“My husband’s work colleagues thought we had split up and he was with another woman. It was so funny that nobody recognized me. “

Sewing machinist Margaret joined Weight Watchers, now known as WW, in 2017 after doctors repeatedly warned she was morbidly obese.


Margaret’s Incredible Weight Loss Journey

Breakfast – thick white toast with butter and jam
Lunch – Large ham and cheese sandwiches, chips, carbonated full-fat juice, candy bars
Dinner – pie and chips or Chinese takeaway, then more bag of family-sized Maltese, tube of pringles.

Breakfast – porridge, berries and pineapple
Snack – banana
Lunch – chicken salad or homemade soup and crispbread with ham. Mandarins.
Dinner – pasta dish or a small portion of homemade fish, chips and peas

The livingston mother of two said, “I lost eight pounds in my first week and it kept coming out.

“I raised my unhealthy relationship with food and found that it was fuel, not a crutch for my emotions.”


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Margaret now enjoys keeping fit and has started playing golf with Brian, 50, a hobby they shared early in their marriage.

She said, “I can walk around without stopping to take a breath. My family is so proud of me. “

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