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London, Tuesday 23 February 2021

London-based Apex Rides delivers a revolutionary Smart Bike + Fitness app with award-winning app developers Waracle Ltd.

Apex Rides, a home fitness startup, officially launched last spring with its innovative new smart bike and app offering that is transforming home exercise for thousands across the UK.

Apex Rides has grown in strength since launching its live workout offering for the home. To date, more than 30,000 classes have been completed using the motorcycle smart app developed by the digital solutions company Waracle.

Apex Rides, founded by Simon Cook and Charlie Lucas in 2018, offer a home cycling experience at an affordable price.

Apex offers a high performance indoor bike that is cheaper than its competitors and allows users to take part in live virtual training classes from the comfort of their own home using a digital device.

Apex Rides Mobile App

The innovative app was designed and developed by London-based digital and app solutions company Waracle, which works with digital health, fitness and wellness organizations to develop innovative, easy-to-use app solutions.

Waracle designed and developed the smart app that allows users to use Bluetooth technology to stream classes offered exclusively by Boom Cycle’s leading UK teachers through their iPad or iPhone and TV screens.

Up to six different profiles can be added to an account so that roommates and family members can split the cost and share the fun. The app is gamified and offers its drivers challenges that enable them to compete with other drivers and keep motivation high.

Unlimited classes are available both live and on request on the Apex Rides app for an affordable subscription and available 24/7.

Chris Martin, CEO at Waracle, said

“Wellness has never been more important because we only have limited opportunities to relax. We are excited to have worked with Apex to bring this innovative challenger offering to the market. They have a real passion for fitness, activity, and mental health improvement and this is a complement to Waracle’s own commitment to providing work with value. “

Apex Rides added

“Waracle was an integral part of the team in bringing us to this level. Not only did they help with the app, but also with all other parts of the solution’s integration. The Waracle team is so dedicated that they are our development partner as well as our soundboard and testers. . We know that the app is a very valuable part of our customer offering. So we had to make the navigation clear and simple for the best possible user experience. “

About Apex

Apex Rides is the newest and most complete exercise bike and app for the UK. With a distinctive aesthetic design, state-of-the-art technology, a gamified app and an exclusive partnership with Boom Cycle, Apex Rides offers the ultimate in-home training at a lower price.

About Waracle

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