90-day fiance star Loren posted a photo of her slim figure 10 months after giving birth to her little boy Shai. She also talked about body dysmorphism.

Loren Brovarnik is a 90 days fiance Alum who just revealed her postpartum body on Instagram. Her photos really impressed her fans. While showing off her stripped body, she talked about her weight struggles and body dysmorphisms.

Loren and Alexei Brovarnik recently had a little boy named Shai. You’ve managed to bring jobs and baby care under one roof. Loren works from home and it appears Alexei is an essential service person. Loren shared how helpful Alexei was with giving birth to her baby. She initially admitted that it was difficult to focus on their relationship, but they made sure they found time to be together. Your baby will grow up and so will you posted his baby teeth on their social media. Loren and Alexei are a popular 90-day fiancé couple. They weathered so many storms including Alexei who was initially denied a visa to enter the United States. This enraged Loren at couples who she believed didn’t take the visa process seriously, like Anfisa Arkhipchenko and Jorge Nava.

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Loren wrote recently Instagram about her weight loss and let the fans know that she is 10 months after giving birth. She captioned pictures of her slim figure with exciting words and said, “I’m totally impressed with how amazing and beautiful the body is … However, Shai is past my selfies.” Loren even discussed the body dysmorphism she’s struggled with since she was a teenager. She explained, “Although my body dysmorphism is very high (something I have struggled with since I was a teenager) and postpartum depression is very real, it was amazing to document this journey and see what I am capable of! Sharing with you has also helped me deal with it. Stay positive! “See her post below::

The fans quickly shared messages of support. they said the new mother of the infant Shai how great she looks. One comment said, “Thanks for sharing the real stuff. I’ll be 9 months after giving birth tomorrow and I’ve dealt with many of the same issues as well as postpartum obsessive-compulsive disorder. It’s really comforting to see someone in the spotlight and keep it real. Thanks ❤️ ”

Loren has inspired many mothers by being open about her postpartum depression and having other very important conversations. There are so many emotions that mothers go through after giving birth. It is an experience that triggers physical and emotional changes. Many reality TV stars have suffered from postpartum depression, including Kendra Wilkinson. Loren and Alexei are down to earth and so many of their fans relate to them. Hopefully the fans will see her on another 90 days fiance ground out.

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Source: Loren Brovarnik / Instagram

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