After enjoying the holidays, January is the time of repentance. It can be brutal to get your exercise routine going again, especially after weeks of bottomless Manhattan and Christmas cookies (it wasn’t just us, right?). But Loro Piana can help mitigate the blow with a choice of fitness The equipment is covered in the brand’s famous cashmere and other equally luxurious materials. Suddenly the training feels like a pleasure in itself.

The recently launched Collection ‘Art of Wellbeing’ is ideally suited to the reality of exercise today – which for most means skipping the gym to exercise at home. Pandemic-related security measures caused a 500 percent top in the past year asked about home fitness equipment what a nationwide shortage the most basic equipment. But even for those with a well-equipped gym at home, it is rare to find equipment that would be described as nifty. With this collection, Loro Piana goes beyond clothing and gives useful tools an elegant touch.

Zen Home Gym: Loro Piana’s Cashmere Mat ($ 2,150), Yoga bag ($ 1,925), Water bottle ($ 525) and socks ($ 150).

Loro Piana

The collection is divided into three categories of active activities: yoga, sports, and outdoor exploration. Yogis will no doubt find a more blissful practice on the top Cashmere matquilted, padded and trimmed with lambskin. In case you’re concerned it could withstand a rigorous round of vinyasa, the cashmere is treated with the same waterproofing treatment from Storm System that powers even the toughest outerwear on the brand. If pumping iron is more your thing, check out the one or two kilo satin finish Dumbbells with cashmere coated handles. To round off your workout, there is also a waterproof cashmere Exercise ball and a lambskin Skipping rope with wrapped handles – you guessed it – cashmere.

All parts are sold individually so you can combine them according to your preferred exercise routine. The mat is geared towards yoga and meditation, for example, but would also soften the sting of floor exercises like crunches and leg raises. In addition to the larger machines, there are also cashmere-wrapped water bottles and thermos flasks, non-slip cashmere socks and cotton towels woven with jacquard that have been specially developed for sweating. If you are traveling in nature, there is even a sleeping bag made from durable microfiber with a cozy cashmere lining.

The exercise ball and yoga mat in action.

The cashmere exercise ball ($ 2,000) and yoga mat ($ 2,150) in action.

Loro Piana

While they may not be the high tech tools in your home gym, Loro Piana’s merchandise is sure to be the best dressed. And for those of us who are somewhat lacking in motivation, such nicely designed equipment in first-class textiles makes training much more attractive, whether New Year’s resolution or not.