Lucy Mecklenburgh is thrilled that she has proven the opposite to her critics with her wellness app.

The former ‘TOWIE’ star launched Results Wellness Lifestyle in 2013, but many people doubted the business would be successful given she was a reality star.

She said, “When I first started Results Wellness Lifestyle (RWL), I was very aware that people were thinking. “Oh, she’s the girl from ‘TOWIE’, she’s going to be in public for five minutes, she’s going to promote a lip gloss and then we’ll forget about her.” And so I had this fire in my stomach to prove them wrong. “

Despite the negative comments when Lucy first decided to “step into the unknown,” her fitness app has grown in strength and has been able to help thousands of people achieve their goals.

Lucy explained, “When we launched in 2013 there was no such thing as ‘online fitness platforms’ – everyone still had fitness DVDs and diet books, so we were the first to take this step and step into the unknown.

“The reason we only went online from the start was that we wanted to reach as many people as possible and make health and fitness as affordable and straightforward as possible.

“It’s been quite a long journey and we’ve learned a lot from it, but we’ve now helped over 350,000 people get healthier and achieve their goals through our app.”

Now the app is the UK’s longest running online health and fitness platform and to celebrate that, Lucy and her team launched the WE ARE RWL campaign to show that fitness is for everyone.

She added: “I am so proud of everything that RWL stands for and everyone who is involved – and we wanted to celebrate that with this campaign – the founders of the company alongside the members and the trainers and the employees who all come together to make it such an inclusive, successful brand. “

Her co-founder Cecilia Harris added, “This company is like a kid to me.

“We designed it to help women with their fitness, but have expanded it every year to support every aspect of someone’s health and wellbeing.

“Waking up every day to messages thanking us for changing people’s lives is literally a dream come true.”