Each year the National Foundation for Governors’ Fitness Councils selects four states and invites their schools to apply for free fitness centers.

BANGOR, Maine – Three schools in Maine are getting new fitness centers as part of a campaign by the National Foundation for Governors’ Fitness Councils (NFGFC).

“It’s just really just a great opportunity for Maine’s schools,” said Kelli Deveaux, communications director for the Maine Department of Education. “We really encourage our schools and communities to take advantage of this.”

Each year the NFGFC selects four states and invites them to apply for a free fitness center. That year Maine, Mississippi, New Hampshire and North Carolina were selected.

According to Deveaux, this opportunity is open to Maine public and public elementary and middle schools that serve students ages 8-14. “This is really aimed at these formative years because we know that students will build physical fitness into their daily lives as lifelong habits,” added Deveaux.

We’re excited and keep warm this morning @ Newscentermaine! Three schools in Maine are getting a free fitness center as part of a youth fitness campaign. I’ll have the story on the MORNING REPORT!#wake me up https://t.co/91zB4U2DhU

– Alex Haskell (@AlexHaskellTV) March 5, 2021

To be up and running, schools must also be 900 square feet. You can devote yourself to a fitness center and fill out an application.

“There is no tax funding, there is no government funding,” says NFGFC chairman Jake Steinfeld, who emphasizes that this is a $ 100,000 gift to schools and not a scholarship. “Not everyone can afford to bring a very expensive spinning wheel into their home.” [Being] It really matters whether you are active alone or with your family. “

According to Steinfeld, the NFGFC has made new fitness centers available to almost 200 schools in the past 15 years.

The application to nominate your school for a fitness center is available until March 19th. The application can be found Here.