The British Association for Nutritional and Lifestyle Medicine (BANT) identifies the rise of nutrigenomics as the main driver of PN and points to its potential to translate findings into protocols or nutrigenetic counseling.

Other personalized tools take advantage of the technology in the form of tracking tools to monitor body composition and symptoms, which could encourage people to focus on individual health issues.

“The one-size-fits-all model is ineffective and out of date. It is time to stop counting calories and promote the nutritional content and quality of food, ”said Satu Jackson, CEO of BANT.

BANT’s comments coincide with the launch of the Food for Your Health campaign, which takes into account the changeable factors involved in obesity and related metabolic diseases such as type 2 diabetes and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

The campaign calls for a food-first approach that recognizes PN as a superior alternative to general public health campaigns that consistently fail to deliver improved health outcomes.

“Diet and lifestyle are changeable factors that individuals can take into account in order to improve their health and well-being,” explains BANT.

“The importance of individual health has never been more evident than it is during this current pandemic. .

“Encouraging people to take simple but effective steps to optimize their food intake as prevention for diet-related diseases is fundamental to improving the general health of individuals and the nation.”

PN has potential .

While small changes in diet and lifestyle can help promote health and well-being and prevent diet-related diseases, BANT adds that the concept of PN is still evolving to truly become an integral part of the future health paradigm.

The advances made in startups in particular, as well as interest from retailers and pharmaceuticals, suggest that the main aspect of PN may be a service that is similar to personalized medicine or shopping.

Individual data management approach.Formed the basis for an in-store genetic test that instructed consumers to make healthier personalized choices based on their DNA profile.

PN company DnaNudge takes genetic data from a cheek swab, which is then tested in the brand’s patented NudgeBox, the company’s innovation that extracts DNA from the sample.

NudgeBox also identifies specific SNPs (a “snip” is a single “letter” out of the 3 billion in the human DNA code) that are related to diet-related health conditions.

From the data collected, DnaNudge can generate a personalized DNA report for the user based on key nutritional health characteristics.

Health-oriented approach.

Likewise PN start Clear health program., Includes a personalized medicine item by running a program that prompts users to wear a glucose monitoring patch.

This is where diet, mood, exercise, and sleep data is logged so the program can determine your baseline.

From there, the wearer varies their diet and exercise up to the third week when the numbers are cracked, and the service recommends which foods produce the best glucose responses for the individual.

The service provides consumers with data analytics, personalized nutrition, coaching, recipes, reminders, suggestions, and a community of other service users with whom they can interact to find out how individual their own diet and exercise responses are.

Further information on the BANT campaign, which should last at least 18 months, can be found here Here..