Found at the official website of, the 57-year old ripped grandpa home workout program boosts testosterone, burns belly fat, and makes you feel years younger.

While other at-home fitness workout programs are targeted to younger men, Fit After 50 recommends specific workouts for older bodies that focus on the trouble spots of age-related conditions.

Is Fit After 50 the right choice for you? Who is Mark Mcilyar and what does he know about fitness after fifty or abs over forty years old? What will you learn in Fit After 50 that is not available anywhere else? How does this training program work to kickstart the body in a whole spectrum approach of fitness, diet and supplementation? Find out everything you need to know about Fit After 50 today in our review.

What is Fit After 50?

Fit After 50 is a strength training program led by “ripped grandpa” Mark Mcilyar, a 57-year old man who’s in the best shape of his life by “stepping into a testosterone time machine” that has nothing to do with “starving yourself, marathon-long cardio workouts, or lifting heavy weights”.

In Fit After 50, Mark teaches you how to build muscle, burn fat, and get in shape at any age in a far safer and gentler way. By following the Fit After 50 program, you can also boost testosterone, enhance sex drive, and enjoy other powerful benefits by training smarter, not harder.

In Fit After 50, Mark teaches men that your best days are not behind you: anyone can get in the best shape of their life at 50 and beyond.

Some people let themselves go over the years. Maybe you were in shape when you were younger but are no longer in shape.

Other people were never in shape but want to get in shape now. It’s never too late to get into shape, even if you never worked out.

Fit After 50 is a package of digital products marketed to any men over 50 who “refuse to wind down with age,” as the official website explains. Let’s take a closer look at what’s included with Fit After 50.

What Makes Fit After 50 Different?

Fit After 50 is a package of digital products that includes everything you need for getting into the best shape of your life.

The package includes dieting advice, workout recommendations, and step-by-step plans for building strength, boosting testosterone, and burning fat.

By following the Fit After 50 program, you can progress through three phases, including a fat burning, strength training, and cutting phase.

Obviously, you can find plenty of workout programs online, including free workouts and strength training guides. What makes Fit After 50 different, however, is that the information is marketed specifically to older men.

Older men have different needs than younger men. They have different bodies, and their bodies respond to workouts differently.

After age 30, you lose testosterone every year. By the time you’re 50, you’ve lost almost half of your testosterone. Some men gain weight. Others lose their sex drive. Getting older, for many men, leads to unwanted symptoms.

Fit After 50 aims to solve this problem, providing actionable strategies older men can use to counteract the effects of aging and regain their youthful energy and vitality.

Why Normal Gym Workouts Are Bad for Men Over 50

Many older men struggle to lose weight – even if they follow workout guides and training programs online.

The reason? Most workout guides are designed for younger men with younger bodies. That’s a problem for men over 50 who want to burn fat and lose weight.

Mark Mcilyar and the Fit After 50 team list three specific problems linked with ordinary workouts:

Problem #1: They Increase Estrogen: Most workouts increase estrogen because they raise cortisol levels. Cortisol is the stress hormone, and studies show that higher cortisol levels lead to lower testosterone levels. Cortisol also causes your body to gain excess fat. Excess fat reduces testosterone even further, releasing a chemical called aromatase that turns testosterone into estrogen. Fit After 50 advocates eliminating stress from your life and performing workouts that lower cortisol – not raise it – to maximize strength training benefits.

Problem #2: They Cause Inflammation: Most ordinary workouts cause inflammation – they don’t reduce inflammation. Many workouts grind your bones and joints, increasing inflammation in anyone’s body. In a younger body, you can fight this inflammation without pain. In an older body, you’ll feel more joint pain.

Problem #3: They Lead to Slow Recovery Times: Fit After 50 claims ordinary workouts make you sick, tired, and slow. If you want to live a long and energetic life, then you need to stop pulverizing your body, shrinking your immune system, and draining your energy with traditional workouts. As Mark Mcilyar explains, “it’s like shooting yourself in the foot.”

Fit After 50 and Metabolic Strength Training

Fit After 50 calls its approach “metabolic strength training.” Some of the advantages of metabolic strength training include:

• Reduce cortisol and estrogen levels
• Eliminate stubborn fat
• Boost your testosterone
• Enhance strength training results
• Burn fat

By following Mark Mcilyar’s metabolic strength training program, you can maximize fat burning and muscle building from the comfort of home.

Fit After 50 aims to solve the problems associated with ordinary strength training programs in the following ways:

Solution #1: Metabolic Strength Training: Metabolic strength training emphasizes the fat burning power of strength training. Countless studies have emphasized the value of using strength training for weight loss. Lean muscle burns more calories than fat. Fit After 50 recommends using metabolic strength training techniques to maximize muscle growth and fat burning.

Solution #2: Functional Cardio and Abs: Traditional workouts increase inflammation with targeted exercises. Fit After 50 recommends a different approach, using functional cardio and ab routines to improve blood flow, increase energy, and get rid of belly fat. The programs emphasize two days of functional cardio and ab workouts per week to improve heart health, increase metabolism, and lose weight without punishing your body.

Solution #3: Recovery-focused Workouts: Fit After 50 recommends workouts that emphasize recovery even before they begin. Some workouts punish your body, making recovery difficult. With Fit After 50, you get workouts that start promoting recovery from the moment you start working out. Fit After 50 recommends workouts that increase natural human growth hormone (HGH) levels and blood flow, leading to faster recovery after a workout. When you have an older body, you need workouts that emphasize recovery.

Fit After 50 Features and Benefits: What to Expect

By following the step-by-step guide in Fit After 50, you can purportedly enjoy the following benefits:

Skyrocket Testosterone Levels: Fit After 50 claims men over 50 can significantly raise testosterone using the program. The program helps you build muscle, burn fat, feel energetic, and keep your partner happy – all of which are linked with testosterone. As your body gets older, your testosterone levels naturally drop, and Fit After 50 claims to solve this problem.

Boost Fat Loss: Many men gain weight with age. It’s a natural part of aging. With Fit After 50, you can boost fat loss, targeting even the most stubborn fat on your belly, chest, and back.

Build Functional Strength: Functional strength is important for anyone. It means you can do more stuff. It means you can pick up your partner, do any hobby, and move stuff around. Some workouts focus on glamor muscles and targeted exercises, while Fit After 50 emphasizes building functional strength.

Increase Anti-aging Chemicals: Levels of human growth hormone (HGH) decrease with age, making it harder for your body to recover. Lower levels of HGH also affect your skin health and physical signs of aging. It makes you look older. With Fit After 50, you can increase anti-aging chemicals, which means you look and feel younger. Fit After 50 claims to keep you feeling young and healthy from the inside out.

Skyrocket Energy Levels: Many men experience lower energy levels as they get older. They don’t have the same energy they did when they were younger. Fit After 50 claims to give you a steady flow of all-day energy. By combining metabolic strength training with functional exercises, you can increase energy and reduce fatigue by 65%, according to the creators of Fit After 50.

Lubricate Joints: Traditional workouts are tough on your joints. They increase joint pain and cause bones to grind against each other. Fit After 50 claims to lubricate your joints with anti-aging chemicals like HGH, making it easier to work out as much as you want without feeling the effects of age.

Workout from Home: Fit After 50 recommends workouts you can perform at home. You don’t need to go to a gym or buy fancy workout equipment to follow Fit After 50. You can do everything from the comfort of your home.

Other Health Benefits: Fit After 50 also claims to provide powerful health benefits. The program claims to lower blood sugar levels, reduce high blood pressure, repair metabolism, boost memory and brain health, strengthen muscles and bones, stimulate cardiovascular health, increase flexibility, and more.

Fit After 50 Phases: Burn, Build, and Sculpt

Fit After 50 includes three core products, including three phases to walk you through the strength training process:

Phase 1: Burn: This first phase eases your body into the new muscle building environment. You start by detoxing your body, rapidly losing weight, and getting your body ready to burn as much fat as possible over the coming weeks.

Phase 2: Build: This phase emphasizes building strength and muscle. You’ve lost some weight, and now it’s time to build lean muscle. You’ll discover how to build functional strength with metabolic strength training routines, abdominal exercises, and more.

Phase 3: Sculpt: This third and final phase emphasizes sculpting your body for its best appearance. You’ve maximized fat burning and strength training, and now it’s time to sculpt your body and make it look its best.

What’s Included with Fit After 50?

Fit After 50 includes everything you need to lose weight, burn fat, and build strength at any age. The program comes with all of the following:

3-Phase Fit After 50 Instruction Manual: This manual explains the step by step process for losing weight at any age. You discover the three phases of fat burning emphasized by Fit After 50, including Phase 1 (Burn), Phase 2 (Build), and Phase 3 (Sculpt).

Bonus #1: 12 Week Fit After 50 Nutrition Plan: Losing weight isn’t just about exercise; it’s also about the right nutrition. Fit After 50 walks you through a 12-week nutrition plan. You’ll discover actionable recipes, shopping lists, and more. The meals are all designed to melt fat, recharge energy, and boost testosterone, among other benefits. Some of the meals are specifically designed to raise HGH and testosterone, while others are designed to make you feel full while burning fat.

Bonus #2: Fit After 50 Exercise Illustrations & Execution: This eBook walks you through Fit After 50’s recommended workouts. Featuring Mark Mcilyar, the book shows you exactly how to perform each movement. You can print out the eBook and hang it around your home gym. Or, you can follow along on your tablet or phone.

Bonus #3: Know My Testosterone Levels: This guide explains how to check your testosterone levels using a simple test at home. It’s like a progress chart for your testosterone as you progress through the Fit After 50 workout program.

Fit After 50 Pricing

Fit After 50 is priced at $37.

The purchase is entirely digital, which means you get instant access after your payment is processed.

Fit After 50 Refund Policy

Fit After 50 comes with a one-year, 365-day refund policy. You can request a complete refund on your purchase within one year of your original purchase date.

All refunds are provided with no questions asked. It’s a no-risk, no-hassle refund policy.

Who is Mark Mcilyar?

Mark Mcilyar leads the Fit After 50 program. He’s a self-described “ripped grandpa” who lost weight, built strength, and increased testosterone in his 50s. Mark has been the face of the Fit After 50 franchise for years, and he’s now a 57-year old who continues to be in the best shape of his life.

As images on the Fit After 50 page show, Mark is in better shape than men half his age. Now, he wants to share his training secrets with the world.

Mark isn’t just a pretty face: he’s also an ISSA-certified trainer. He shares some of his guidance through, which contains similar workout advice to Fit After 50, recommending the best workouts for men over 50.


Fit After 50 is a training program marketed to men over 50 who want to lose weight, increase testosterone, and enjoy other powerful benefits.

Most workouts focus on younger men with younger bodies. Fit After 50 takes a different approach, recommending specific steps older men can take to enjoy real benefits. Any man over the age of thirty knows that age starts to sit in the body differently and going about the same workouts of when you were in your 20s and 30s is going to be slightly different in your 40s and 50s. Mark Mcilyar, the 57-year old grandpa with ripped abs, has had previous success inside the fitness industry for helping men optimize effectiveness at applying fitness into their daily lives, having become the go to personal trainer program for his abs after 40 courses a few years ago. Now, the Fit After 50 fitness system is Mark Mcilyar’s flagship formula for helping men improve their fitness in a more practical and efficient manner than other programs.

To make things even better, the Fit After 50 is backed by a one year refund policy, making it a no-risk purchase for anyone over 50 who wants to burn fat, lose weight, increase testosterone, and reduce the effects of aging, among other benefits.

Visit the official website at to take full advantage of Mark Mcilyar’s at-home fitness workout exercise program today.